CyanogenMod removes Samsung Vibrant support, 911 problems

Although the Samsung Vibrant mobile phone handset has been out for some time and received plenty of community development support for example from CyanogenMod, times are about to change and not for the better we have to add.

Today, multiple sources including rootzwiki.com, have spoken about how CyanogenMod have decided to stop supporting the device and it’s not because they’ve wanted to, more that they have had to. The problem lies with a 911 issue, in which when the Vibrant dials the number, the operator cannot hear the caller at the other end, we have to point out that the problem only seems to lie with T-Mobile’s network. With a source code needed from Samsung themselves, CyanogenMod have decided to step down with their support.

In an official statement from CM, they said, “We are no longer supporting the Vibrant due to the inability to dial 911. We consider the issues related to this unresolvable without source code from Samsung related to the Radio interface layer and its interactions with the Audio layers and have taken the decision to no longer support this. We apologize for the inconvenience and strongly suggest that Vibrant users use a Samsung ROM due to the 911 issues with any ROMs based on open source code.”

Right decision to make on CyanogenMod’s part?

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