Apple & HTC Fight: Win Depends on Patent Trade Ruling

The mobile space has been dominated with patent disputes of late and at the forefront of most legal battles sits Apple with their fight with Samsung taking main stage whilst other patent skirmishes battle it out on the sidelines, and soon one such skirmish between Apple and HTC will come to a head.

According to an article on Business Week, the patent fight between Apple and HTC is set to come to a head this week with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to announce if HTC violates Apple patents.

If the ITC comes down on Apple’s side in the fight it could see HTC Android smartphone facing an import ban in the United States. The ITC is also scheduled to make their decision on the 16th of December as to whether to uphold a ruling that cleared Apple of infringing on HTC patents.

The ITC is due to make their decision on whether HTC infringes Apple patents today, a decision that was postponed from last week so we should know one way or the other if HTC will see a ban placed on their Android smartphone in the USA.

We already know Apple gained a ban on Samsung gear in other countries, which after some time was overturned and Samsung can now sell their products, and obviously if the ITC does come down on Apple’s side against HTC then HTC will no doubt lodge an appeal.

Obviously if the ITC does place a ban on HTC Android smartphones in the US the real loser will be the consumer as they will be robbed of their right of choice.

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