Rebuild Palm OS apps for iPhone with StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK

I’m sure you know that way back in 2009 Palm exited the mobile space mainly due switching from Palm OS to the dismal failure of the new webOS platform failing to capture a large enough following in the mobile space, and thus Palm was purchased by HP who continued with the weBOS platform with the HP TouchPad, and yet basically another failure.

But what about the Palm OS app developer? Well developers of Palm OS app can now rebuilt their Palm OS app to play along with iOS, as according to the guys over at Redmond Pie, StyleTap have now announced their iOS wrapper SDK.

The StyleTap iOS wrapper SDK enables Palm OS developers to wrap their app inside the StyleTap platform for the iPhone and submit the rebuilt app to the Apple App Store in such a way that it removes all the restricted capabilities.

Although of course using the StyleTap iOS wrapper SDK for iPhone doesn’t guarantee that Apple will accept any submission of an app.

Developers will need to download a template Xcode project, which includes StyleTap Platform for iPhone and is to be used on non-jailbroken devices and also includes a document that outlines the configuration options for internal use or for app submissions to the App Store.

For Palm OS developers that wish to have a go with the StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK you can download a 14-day trial version for free from the StyleTap website.

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