Galaxy Nexus Verizon release sort of confirmed: VZW & Costco

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon release date mystery is confirmed sort of, we say this because a few places online are sharing the same date, and with what we reported yesterday about a dedicated Galaxy Nexus site showing many dates with the last being December 15th, things are starting to add up.

So with December 15th listed on the new site called “hasverizonreleasedthegalaxynex.us”, more news comes via Droid Dog reporting that Costco has listed this phone release as the same date, with a price tag of $289.99. So does this really mean that of you a Costco customer you can bag the Verizon Galaxy Nexus on December 15th for the price above? Keep speculating is what we say, and come back tomorrow for an update.

Looking into this release date a little more, we visited Engadget and found more interesting news. An Engadget tipster sent in a screenshot (Look Below) of an internal VZW store computer, this also points towards a Dec 15th release for the Big Red.

Do you think tomorrow will be the day Verizon releases the Samsung galaxy Nexus? We will be right on top of this one. If its does finally release tomorrow, you may want to get an Otterbox Defender Case for it.


25 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus Verizon release sort of confirmed: VZW & Costco”

  1. Branabolic1226 says:

    i highly doubt it.  Until it is sitting in my room on its charger i wont believe that it has been released.  Also, my good friend owns a Verizon private retail store and he said as of this morning he still has not recieved a single one.  Another local Verizon store told me the same thing.

    1. Clayton Jones says:

      It will probably be a while before the non-corporate Verizon stores see them but I do agree with you, until its in my hands OUT of the store I’m a non-believer. 

      1. Waffefe says:

        Agreeeeeeee—I have seen so many of these, they all seemed fabricated at this point. Why would they just release without an official announcement?…It makes no sense

        1. Clayton Jones says:

          I think they actually are going to do a soft release, you have to remember – “droid” is verizon’s baby and the nexus is not a droid.

          Its all ridiculous though.

  2. Matt_barup says:

    I called a verizon wireless zone yesterday. Asked the lady if she has any news on when the gnex will be out. She told me thursday 9/15 ill sell u one. I only have one right now but im ordering more they will be in tomorrow ill write your name on one and call you when i recieve it. Thats what i was told we’ll see

  3. Matt_barup says:

    I also called best buy yesterday to see what tey would say. The salesman told me that they were suppost to come out 12/9 verizon pulled back we dont know when they are launching but i have 20 of them in the back just keep checking best buys website for the launch date

  4. Anthony says:

    what we want. we want it out tomorrow
    what verizon wants and might do. nope a white razr is more important just push the nexus back a couple months we love motorola more locked bootloader and are crappy apps

  5. d-bone says:

    I literally just came back from a VZW store, where the manager confirmed they have them on hand, but also said the phone launch is being postpones….again.

  6. Guest says:

    I hate u Verizon!!! Why not tell ur customers a release date? U have to understand that in a relationship communication is a very important thing, if communication fails all relationships fail!!!

  7. Calistang1966 says:

    i talked to my guy from verizon who has me on a list to call when it is availiable and he told me as of 2:30 pm it will not be released on the 15th as shown here. it looks like it may be next week at least I am hoping. It is getting really old and I have almost gave in several times and went with another phone but I dont want verizon to win. I will wait for the Nexus more out of spite than anything else.

  8. Branabolic1226 says:

    My Local independent Verizon store just called me around 4:30 pm eastern and she told me she will have it either tomorrow or Friday afternoon(she has the tracking info on her shipments).  I am number one on her calling list of about 25 ppl at this point.  I asked her if that meant i could buy it as soon as she had it and she said yes of course.  Even with that being said,  I will still not believe this is true until i am walking out of the store with the damn thing in my hand.  Maybe it will release and Verizon just doesn’t want to release an official statement or some crap like that.  Maybe they don’t want to steal the “white razr’s” thunder…. who the hell knows at this point.  

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