Android training program for Devs launched by Android Team

Every fancied getting into app development for the Android platform but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it? Well it appears there are now classes in training to develop Android applications available that gives the opportunity for developers to learn how to build better Android apps.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the Android Developers Blog has announced Android Training by the Android Team, which consists of a series of classes that will take in such topics as how to optimise battery life with their apps, managing audio playback, effective app navigation and stuff like that.

Each training class will explain the necessary steps to solve problems, or implement features along with plenty of ‘code snippets’ and ‘sample code’ for you to use in your own applications.

Apparently the Android Team is starting the training off small and over the coming months will increase the quantity of available classed along with introducing over-arching classes and sample applications to enable developers to build better apps for the Android platform.

Sounds like a good program to me if you are interested in developing apps for Android and well, who better to learn all the ins and out from that the guys behind Android?

So if you fancy having a go at Android app development and wish to learn how to make better apps then you can access those classes that are currently available by hitting up HERE.

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