Analyzing the iPhone Hate

As the market leader in smartphone sales, Apple must face a lot of criticism from its competitors, tech writers, and customers on a daily basis. Just like the Royal Family faces a backlash from the media and critics but still keeps relevant, Apple faces its detractors but still remains the number one game-changer in the mobile phone industry. While the iPhone is not perfect, there is a reason people are purchasing them in massive quantities.

In an attempt to position his company and the Windows Phone platform more strategically against Apple’s marketing machine, Nokia executive Niels Munksgaard said that the iPhone was too boring and the Android was too complicated for the average user to get any redeeming use out of. According to a report on Fox Business, the executive thinks it’s a shame that the market is flooded with iPhone clones and thinks there should be more choice for consumers.

While Munksgaard is in charge of product marketing and sales for Nokia and just trying to differentiate his product, he has a point. The late Steve Jobs claimed that Google ripped off the iPhone design and a whole slew of Android phones are crowding shelf space in most retailers. The lack of originality may hamper creativity, but consumers have grown used to a certain style.

Another setback for the iPhone’s status as a boring product is that it hasn’t had much in terms of updates over the past several years. While there was much speculation about the new specs of an iPhone 5, the company failed to deliver the product and instead released the iPhone 4s. While the 4s had major technical improvements over its predecessors, the screen size stayed the same and the basic operating system didn’t change at all.

According to an article on Forbes, Apple wanted to release a new version of their iPhone, but felt the time was not right and the technology wasn’t up to standards. The lack of a 4G network, large screen, and quad core processor may hurt Apple’s reputation for now, but when the iPhone 5 is released, it will be a monumental occasion.

Apple has a tight grip over developers and the apps available on the App Store. Android’s biggest selling point is its open sourced development and ability to gain access to virtually any program anyone in the world decides to develop. With all of the freedom afforded to Android developers and the massive amount of people using the platform, iOS is still the number one development standard for those looking to create apps.

While Android has open development, its Market is filled with programs that contain viruses and malware that can destroy phones. The only way to break the iPhone’s warranty is by jailbreaking it. This proves that the iPhone is the safest and easiest to use smartphone model currently on the market. While it may not have the most thrills and frills, it is reliable and works if you use it properly.


3 thoughts on “Analyzing the iPhone Hate”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s mainly a difference in ideology

    I’ve used both an iphone 4 and nexus s simultaneously before when I started app development and found the following

    The iPhone looks beautiful and iOS is beautiful…if you like the fixed aesthetic from the vision of Apple. Personally, I love it on an iPad and am indifferent on the iPhone

    For Android its the other way round (especially on ICS) – on tablets I find it mediocre but love it on phones. Have yet to see a flagship ICS tablet when my opinion might change.

    The difference in ideology seems to be the Apple fanboys who will not accept the fact that sometimes people, a lot of people, want their phones to look different from the Apple vision and Android fanboys who will not accept that with great flexibility comes, potentially, a great deal of hassle with slowdowns, fragmentation and end user confusion.

    For me personally, Android wins out as I’m happy to tinker to perfect what I’d want and am happy to live with the flaws. I also live in the Google cloud so the tight Android integration wins out as well

    Windows Phone? What’s that? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    “While Android has open development, its Market is filled with programs that contain viruses and malware that can destroy phones.” — really??? How much are you getting payed to write this crap?
    There is no inherent better safety in the Apple controled app store … this is mainly a product of clever marketing and you either know this and are purposelly misleading your readers or or are just a apple fanboy who does not know any better.

  3. Ashe11hk says:

    Is the Android OS really a stolen idea from Apple?

    I personally believe so, bc I think we are flooded with all these trashy (cheaply looking and feeling) Android phones only after the 2007 tahnks to the iPhone. Plus, the fact that the google man in charge of the Android OS is a X-Apple staff who had a close knowlegde on the Apple IOS, according to the late Steve Jobs, if I am not mistaken.

    The iPhone rocks, no wonder why bc it is all about an impressive quality. Do not underestimate all people are so stupid that are driven merely by a gorgeous marketting while they do not get something out of it. By the way, when is the time that Apple have marketted the iPhone before it is released except the original 2007 iPhone which was posted on Apples website for some time. The trend is, the previous iPhone is the best ad for the next to come, only because it is tested and loved by users that know and love the value of quality.

    One more thing, I usually follow Phones Review on my fb but it is a SHAME that you did not report the fact that the iPhone 5 is the second most searched topic on google in 2011, only next to the royal wedding! What a worldwide fan, hype and love for this device which is in everyone’s thought, everyday, to such an extent.

    What a shame not to report this on Phones Review of all the sites! I read about it on BBC a few days back as one of the top stories.

    Long live Apple!

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