BT Vs Google: Android Patent Infringements

It appears that the mobile space is all about what company can sue what company over patent infringement to turn a buck or two these days, as I am sure most have heard of the courtroom battles going on in the mobile arena over claims of patent violation, and the latest to step into the legal battleground is BT.

The latest word on the patent infringement front according to the guys over at Engadget by way of FOSS Patents is that British Telecom filed a suit last Thursday in Delaware against Google claiming they infringe on 6 patents with the Android platform and other services such as music and maps.

Apparently BT is looking for an injunction against Google along with damages, and even triple damages for ‘wilful and deliberate’ infringement of patents, and that BT has filed the action to seek ‘the just compensation it is owed.’

The six patents BT accuses Google of infringing are for service provision system for communications networks, a navigation information system, telecommunications apparatus and method, communications node for providing network based information service, an information system, and a storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices.

The whole thing does get rather technical, but if you are into all the technical and legal terms of patent lawsuits, we have embedded the BT vs. Google complaint for your viewing consideration below, and no doubt this is another patent lawsuit that will roll on for god knows how long.

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