Google Wallet for Galaxy Nexus LTE, your views

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running with Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS has finally released to US carrier Verizon, despite weeks of waiting for patient customers. Back on the 10th December, our very own James spoke about the possible reason to the delay, that of the implementation of Google Wallet, an NFC payment app which both Google and Verizon were in talks over. It seemed Google were keen to have the NFC payment app included on the new Nexus phone, whilst Verizon didn’t want it, having already partnered with ISIS to bring their own NFC paying service.

Despite the phone officially releasing last week on Verizon, with us asking you your initial thoughts towards the new smartphone, we can now tell you that Google Wallet on your LTE handset is in fact now available, thanks to a flashable zip file being accessible.

According to droid-life.com, some of you may have already tried to access the new Wallet, but have been met with various issues. To rectify this, an .apk has been released on the Galaxy Nexus running the new Android 4.0.2 update, something of which we spoke about this morning. The advice to those that may have already been tinkering with any of the Wallet builds from the end of last week, you may now have to return to a backup pre Wallet or the .apk may not work.

Comments from readers in relation to the new Google Wallet have been mixed, one included: “I want to use it… I really do, but I’m really reluctant to plug my CC into a 3rd party modified version of Google Wallet.”

We would be interested to hear what you all think?


2 thoughts on “Google Wallet for Galaxy Nexus LTE, your views”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, you don’t even need a file explorer.  Go directly to the XDA link with your Verizon Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.2.  Download the file.  Pull down the top shade screen.  It will show the file that you just downloaded and ask if you want to install it.  Click ‘yes.’

    Boom.  Done.  

    To try it, you don’t even have to use your own money.  I signed up with Google, they put $10 on my pre-paid Google card.  The Vietnamese checker at Safeway thought I was screwing with his ATM terminal and trying to rip him off.

    Good times…

  2. Karey43 says:

    If you’re scared of having your CC info stolen, just use the google card, they can’t steal any more than whats loaded on there and then you can top up money onto it as needed.

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