Galaxy Nexus signal problems, are you suffering? Fix coming

It’s fair to say that Samsung have had a pretty good 2011, with many new devices that have or about to hit retailer shelves. One such device is that of the new Galaxy Nexus running on Android’s brand new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS, something of which other manufacturers will now be taking onboard.

With the Galaxy Nexus recently released in countries including the US on carrier Verizon, we asked you guys last week how you are getting on with your new smartphone? Impressed or disappointed? Today, despite overall feedback being good, one issue has been reported from a fair few of you, that of poor signal with the dropping of calls.

According to droid-life.com, some users have put the subsequent issue(s) down to the new Android 4.0.2 update, something of which we reported on just yesterday. It seems that the big red carrier are aware of the reports, with their official Twitter account stating that they are carrying out an investigation and that a software update or fix if you like “is being developed.”

Let us know if you have a new Galaxy Nexus and if you are experiencing problems with poor signal or dropped calls? Perhaps it’s both or one or the other?


46 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus signal problems, are you suffering? Fix coming”

    1. Stkman32 says:

      Same here Anthony…I have 4 bars on 4g signal with my Bionic and barely 2 on my GNex and they are right beside each other. I love the phone but dang I hope they fix the reception issue.

      1. Jstew302 says:

        Im running the white UK Gnex on rogerss network on ontario canada and having dropped call and signal.issues..it is a real pain and very frustrating especially considering how much i paid for this phone. I am regretting getting rid of my doid RAZR so much right now.

  1. Speaksster27 says:

    I am on the same boat. i have horrible signal, ranging anywhere from -100 to -120dbm. Verizon tech support have been horrible. i went to the store to have my nexus replaced with another and I am still having the same signal issues.  The last verizon tech i spoke with stated that they are aware of the issue and it has been forwarded to samsung to fix the issues. And of course he went on saying that verizon would have to test the update before it is release. he then stated that the update could be pushed as early as friday, before the holidays. I’m not really sure how true and accurate his statements were

  2. Guest says:

    I am victim of these problems i love this phone so much but i dropped a call in my house on 3g with my 4g turned off. I have never ever ever in all the years owned a verizon phone dropped a call in my house. The signals jump all over the place one time i will have 3g all the way then 2 bars of 3g then 4g then like no mobile network. This unacceptable when i spent 300 dollars and waited for this phone. It needs to get fixed soon. 

  3. Milwaukee boy says:

    I get weak signal strength in spots I always had strong signal strength with my Motorola Droid! I live in Milwaukee, WI. I get stronger 4g than 3g?

  4. Rob says:

    I like everything about my new Galaxy Nexus with the exception of the speaker volume.  It is not loud enough.  It needs to be much louder when listening to music or speech on it.  Other than that I have no complaints as yet.  Hope there will be software fix coming for the speaker.

  5. Glad to be within the 13-day “return-it” period with Verizon. The Galaxy Nexus is
    unable to obtain any signal in locations where a Motorola Droid, Blackberry, or
    I-Phone have only occasional slow-downs. Agreed on speaker volume . . . it can’t be heard in an airport.

  6. dave says:

    Hi. Had Galaxy Nexus for two weeks from Vodafone. Been with V/f for 12 years and never had a signal problem but with the Nexus I’m having zero signal most of the time. Had sim changed at local store but that hasn’t helped. Tried sim in previous phone and all ok so Nexus is the problem. Will have to return to local store but this is starting to be a real nuisance.

  7. Larry Blair says:

    Has anybody had any problems with the Nexus getting hot around the ear piece when talking for over 15 minutes? Mine got so hot i had to put it on speaker phone. How about the extremely short battery life, with an extended battery try 5 hours. Also i am a little hard of hearing and think the volume could be increased quite a bit…. And last but not least i would like them to include the regular phone ringtone for us old timers or give us the option to download and install it.. Seems that it is louder then any of the other phone ring tones. Most of which i think they should dump.  Must say i am almost to the point of switching back over to my Droid Bonic.

    1. Adeadeleke1 says:

      I don’t have an extended battery but I can concur with you that the phone does get very hot around the ear and I mean hot….I so much so that on one occasion my daughter rested her arm on the screen and got a nasty shock…

  8. I Wonder Whats For Dinner says:

    I have the drop its not dripped calls but dropped data i get no bars of 3g sonetimes and theb only voice calling service but its not location because my moms OG DROID gets 4 bars i could turn on airplane mode and turn it off and get reception again its annoying i have to say and 4.0.2 did not fix this

  9. Foodog_501 says:

    I get bad if not no 3g and sometime dont even receive calls just a msg saying i jave a miss calli love the phone and ics but whats the point of such a good phone and not being able to use it

  10. Graham says:

    I’ve operated 5 phones over the years from my basement suite. None have been perfect but the Galaxy Nexus is by far the worst. No signal sending or receiving 50% of the time. My Motorola Droid consistently pulls 3 bars when tested side-by-side.

  11. Adeadeleke1 says:

    I have had my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for just over a month. The features and function are very good but I am getting increasingly frustrated with dropped calls. I’m on Vodafone and till date have never experienced drop calls to magnitude till now. I have an identical tariff on my blackberry and have not ever had this issue of drop calls. On occasion I have reverted back to my old phone just to continue the conversation. I really like the phone so I will stick it out till the the fix the issue. Please fix ASAP!

  12. LK says:

    I’m on Three UK, whilst I’ve had issues with dropped calls before, since getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it’s become very irritating – in fact embarrassing when I’m having to phone clients back to apologise for ‘hanging up’ on them. Please sort this out.

  13. Singerjohn3 says:

    Horrible signal on my Galaxy Nexus! I switched from AT&T for the better signal and no dropped calls, but now I cant even get a signal to make or receive calls! 80% of the time I dont have any bars at all. This better get fixed quick since I have 11 days left until I can return this phone and cancel my Verizon contract. Im not happy. 

  14. Nick says:

    I’ve just got a Galaxy Nexus (on Orange) and have half/no bars in most of my house. I was previously using a Nokia on O2. I swapped the old O2 sim card into the new Galaxy and the signal dropped from 3/4 bars on the Nokia to 0/half a bar on the new phone. So despite it’s larger size it definitely looks like it’s the new phone’s antenna. I love the new device but I can’t easily get or receive calls! I noticed the Galaxy SII seems to have an app which allows VOIP when you’re in a wifi spot (e.g home). I can’t see the Nexus has this? Does anyone know if it’s possible to obtain or set up.

  15. H2oskier93 says:

    I am also having a problem with both dropped calls and poor signal. how can they say that the update will only fix the status bars? the fact that my phone has only 1 status bar instead of a full set to me should not affect the dropped call concern. I switched from the og droid to this phone hoping that this would be a huge upgrade but this seams to be a huge down grade. I never once had a problem with either the dropped call or the poor signal.I have only had the phone for a week and very disappointed.

  16. Eagle says:

    You can add me to list of both dropped calls and loss of signal. I have had a Droid 1 and an Eris Droid and am using the Nexus in the same area.  I never had a problem with either of the other droid phones doing the dropped calls and loss of signal.  It is not just a signal meter isssue as stated by some it is total loss of signal.

  17. Rodney says:

    Extremely frustrating! I had the Droid X and 3G worked perfect at my work. Now with this SGN I get 0-1 bars at work and it does not connect to 3G. If I leave the screen on for 3-4 mins the phone acquires the 3G signal but as soon as it goes to standby mode and you unlock the screen, later 3G signal. So, So, So frustrating. I think I will have to send this back for a RAZR….ugh….

  18. marion says:

    I just purchased a galaxy after having a blackberry. I’m having many dropped calls and very bad connections but only with certain phones, I can be on the phone with one person and not able to hear any thing and two minutes later be on the phone with someone else and it’s as clear as bell.

  19. David says:

    I finally had to return mine. I really liked the device itself (build quality is better than people are giving it credit for) and ICS is fantastic, but several things really ruined it for me. First and foremost, I couldn’t sustain telephone calls. The Nexus dropped more calls than when I was on AT&T. On my Incredible, Incredible 2, Droid X 2, and iPhone (all Verizon) I would almost never drop calls between work and home (57 miles of downtown, interstate, and rural roads). The Nexus would average 3 or 4 drops during that period every day. Second, the camera is truly horrible. I don’t know what Samsung was thinking about, but while the shutter is fast, your pictures will completely suck. The Nexus should be the best of everything, especially at it’s price, not a series of compromises. Finally, even the extended battery would only just get me through the day and that comes at the cost of no case for me. LTE is well known for devouring batteries, so why don’t manufacturers take this more seriously? Unfortunately, in the end, practical issues killed it for me. I had to return it within my trial period because Verizon didn’t sound like they were taking the connection issues seriously as evidenced by their upcoming update to adjust the way the bars display. I don’t care about what the signal strength says, I just want to the phone to stay connected like most of the other phones I’m used to. As for me, I’m looking forward the the RAZR MAXX for my upgrade. Other issues aside, Motorola has great wireless radios in their phones.

  20. Ycare says:

    Personally BOTH- I previously used a Droid X, it worked flawlessly. THE NEWEST AND  GREATEST NEXUS  gets a -3 ..No Connection time 29% ..YES, that means I have no connection for over 1/4 of the time the phone is on..BAD ENOUGH FOR YOU VERIZON !! SO anyone want a Nexus just PM em it’s yours!

  21. Well i also had to bow down and say goodbye to the Nexus on the 13th. I just could not stand the problems that i was having from a phone that was supposed to be the ONE. What i really couldn’t fathom was how a company like Samsung that has been some really great phones went off track with this so bad. Too many problems………really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am back with my Droid Bionic that is the neatest. Oh what a difference. I can hear my music now. My phone calls stay connected and i can hear people talk. Plus double the storage with the 32g card. The only advantage i can honestly say i miss is the great graphics that the nexus had. I wished that Verizon and Samsung had of released the S-2. That is a great phone. better then the nexus.

  22. Shaunbingham says:

    I didn’t notice this issue until the 4.0.2 update.  My calls drop, my signal drops, my one way mic cuts out (i can hear the other person fine, they can’t hear me).  This phone is a nightmare. I am pretty sure I’m out of my swap out time for a different phone.  Missing my iPhone like crazy right now.

  23. Rob says:

    I returned my Galaxy Nexus phone because the signal reception is poor. I didn’t receive many calls and lost signal where it was no problem with my old Droid before. Side by side with “any” phone the signal is 20db less unless they are both very near  a tower. Go to the Verizon store and look at the phones beside the Nexus -you will see, Call up another phones signal strength and the Nexus. It doesn’t seem the plan to adjust the bars will fix this poor reception issue.

  24. DJS says:

    I just bought the Galaxy Nexus yesterday.  While leaving the Verizon store, I made a call, which was immediately dropped.  It took several minutes to get service back.  Other calls have been dropped.  4G comes and goes.  It’s great while it works, but I need to count on my phone as a phone first.  May be taking it back today.

  25. DJS says:

    I just bought the Galaxy Nexus yesterday.  While leaving the Verizon store, I made a call, which was immediately dropped.  It took several minutes to get service back.  Other calls have been dropped.  4G comes and goes.  It’s great while it works, but I need to count on my phone as a phone first.  May be taking it back today.

  26. Nicholas Yamashita says:

    I’m already on my second Galaxy Nexus and I love the phone but service is terrible.  I had a droid X and having both phones sitting right next to each other, the signal strength the nexus is seeing is -118 dBm, the droid X shows -82 dBm.  I even checked the “demo” phones at the Verizon store.  the worst signal strength of any 4G phone there was -78 dBm, their display galaxy nexus was at -112 dBm.  I think this shows a clear problem with the phone and I’ve been hearing that the fix with change the “bars displayed” which won’t fix the problem of actual reception I’m describing.

  27. The problem is here in South Africa as well with the international version of the phone. (European version)

    Our version currently does not have 4G.

    Device was launched with 4.0.2 as stock.

    I experience a similar problem (Vodafone). I talk to someone, then hear a bunch of noises similar to a fax line but just more garbled and scratchy followed by a clicking sound and the call is dropped. Bars show no signal. If i try to call i get out of service area message. If i try to connect to data, i get airplane mode message. After a few seconds the bars return to full strength and i can call again.

    I have however not experienced the phone muting at all.

  28. Belshaw66 says:

    This problem still seems ti exist, and not just on Verizon ir in the US. I have a Nexus on the Vodafone network in the UK and am experiencing the same issues. The phone is running on 4.0.2 .

  29. I’ can’t believe it but I can only get 1-2 bar reception on this phone. (I’ve tried in different areas) sitting with a blackberry 3 give next to it that gets a full 4- bars plus!.  It is uncomprehensible that a phone of this technological advance can’t perform the basic function for which it was created.  I see why sprint offered it as a free phone to start their service.

    You’re going to have to buy a phone anyway!

  30. Capie301 says:

    I am in nova scotia, canada and my carrier is bell, i have an iphone 3gs and a galaxy nexus the iphone works flawlessly and with good service im thinking.of returning my nexus or at least trying too

  31. Derek says:

    Just got my new Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus yesterday.  In SF Financial District and signal goes to no bars frequently.  BART train, same thing.  East SF Bay Area, same thing.  Never had any of these signal issues with my Blackberry Bold on Verizon.  Great features and this phone is really nice but if you’re going to tell me the phone supports 4G then make it work.  Just forced it to 3G (CDMA) mode and so far it’s ok.  Hasn’t LTE been out for quite some time?  Why is it so bad?

  32. Salserita J says:


    Posting from Montreal, Canada.  Bought a Samsung Nexus (with Bell) yesterday around 3PM.  Played with it, results: one or no reception bars at all, no access to Google store for apps (no connection, retry error), couldn’t send out a text this morning, long or no access to browser.  Returned it this morning in exchange for an Ipone 4 which works great – no comparison.  Too bad, I really wanted to like the Nexus, it seems like a powerful phone.

  33. Slghtrtrn says:

    I could deal with dropping 4g alone but mine is droppong voice and data atleast once an hour, sometimes data stays down for 10-15 minutes. Going back to the store next week.

  34. Jennifer Pg says:

    My boyfriend and I both have the Galaxy Nexus (international unlocked version). My boyfriend had terrible reception problems with the first one, he returned it and got another one. It solved the problem with ATT reception, but when he puts in his T-Mobile Sim card in (he swaps between SIM cards at least once a week), reception sucks again. I only use ATT and I swapped my sim card from a blackberry to the galaxy nexus. Had problems for the first week and read a lot of posts about changing APNs, the data plan and yada yada yada… I went to an ATT store and the customer representative gave me a new Sim Card (did not change a single thing on my account, just gave me the new sim card) and it works like a charm! I have reception everywhere! I would advise you to go into the store of your phone carrier (please do not call customer service, it’s useless 80% of the time). 

  35. MS says:

    I have a galaxy nexus s phone with Android jelly bean version, have problems with dropped calls and sometime no calls going out and being received. Google transferred me to Samsung support who wanted to me to ship the phone to them for investigation.

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