Verizon experiencing another outage, are you?

Oh dear, those customers that use the Verizon network over the pond in the good old US of A have a bit of a problem at the moment as the word is the Big Red is experiencing data network outages across the US according to customer reports with 3G and 4G networks down in some locations.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, this is the 2nd such network outage in under a month, and thus far apparently Verizon hasn’t bothered to announce just what is causing the outage, and apparently hasn’t even bothered yet to publicly acknowledge the issue.

However word is the downtime doesn’t appear to be consistent in all areas, although complaints are coming in to the Verizon support forums people are suffering in such places as New York, Michigan, Ohio, California and others.

The guys say they are waiting to hear from the Big Red as to the cause of the outage and if there is any timetable in place for the problem to get sorted, but until then your best bet is probably WiFi.

So there you go, yet another outage on the Verizon network, so we’d like to ask any of our readership that use Verizon if you are experiencing this outage and how long you have been experiencing it, feel free to voice your annoyance in our comments area below.

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4 thoughts on “Verizon experiencing another outage, are you?”

  1. Nfmnh says:

    no outage here. I have at&t, been with them for 10 years, 5 with a data plan. Never an outage. Unlike the largest and “most reliable” network in America.

  2. Fromthedarkmatter says:

    I figured someone was going to chime in a rep rheir carrier.
    I have not experienced an outage until today, and I am definitely not a fan of this
    It has been out since this morning when I got up at 6:00 eastern. I have 3g for now,
    But it has been sketchy at best. I don’t want to hear about AT&T not having outages.
    Their service sucks in my area and always has. Just saying, they are no better. In fact
    In many cases they are worse than Verizon.

  3. Stpatrickrose says:

    I live in Ohio,and have been experiencing the outages.  It was off most of yesterday morning but back on now,but for how long?  I have the bionic,and am lucky to pick up 3g at all. This is ridiculous,a million dollar phone and not to mention the million dollar plan….and we have to stay on wifi???????  How about a discount on our bill???????  :0)

  4. Snoopy5023 says:

    I am in Michigan and my outage has been consistent since yesterday around 1:30pm. I get 4g sporadically. The outage does not affect me much because whenever I can, I connect to wifi unless I am in area that I can’t connect to wifi. However, yesterday, no verizon network connectivity.

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