Asus gets sued over Transformer Prime

I was wondering just when this would happen as it was fairly obvious to me that the Asus Transformer Prime would sooner or later come up against a legal challenger over the Android tablet’s name, and this has now happened because word is Hasbro is suing Asus for trademark violation with the transformer Prime.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Moconews, toy and game maker Hasbro has slapped Asus with a trademark infringement lawsuit alleging that the Transformer Prime infringes on their Transformer toys trademarks and is looking for a ban on sales of the Asus Transformer Prime in the United States.

Have to be honest here when I first saw mention of the Transformer Prime I instinctively thought of the Optimus Prime transformer, so I have been expecting Hasbro to bring out the legal guns at some point.

Besides, apparently Hasbro actually holds the trademark for “Transformer Prime” that apparently covers “toy action figures; toy vehicles; toy robot convertible [sic] into other visual toy forms; board games; parlour games.”

However as the Transformer Prime is none of the above and is an Android tablet that doesn’t really transform into anything else other than a tablet, perhaps Asus has a chance of shooting down the legal challenge, we’ll have to wait and see.

No word on what Asus has to say on the matter at this time though, but no doubt they are talking with their legal team. Good job LG doesn’t call one of the Optimus devices the Prime isn’t it?

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One thought on “Asus gets sued over Transformer Prime”

  1. Scum says:

    Hmmm why would they want a ban on sales, makes me think there’s more to the story then we are hearing, it reeks of Apple tbh, why ban sales, why not ask for a percentage for using the transformer prime name. It makes no sense, unless the almighty Apple is backing hasbro.

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