Dead Dell Streak 5 gets official Android Gingerbread

If you just happen to be an owner of the Dell Streak 5 and have been trudging along on your operating system wondering if your Android handset would ever seen an update to the OS, it appears you luck is in, as although the Dell Streak 5 is no longer being sold, Dell hasn’t left customers out in the cold when it comes to OS updates.

According to an article over on Streak Smart by way of XDA-developers, Dell has released an official Android Gingerbread ROM for the aforementioned smartphone.

Thus if you do own a Dell Streak 5 and want to update your handset to Android Gingerbread you can do so by hitting up the link to the .pkg file found on the above websites, once downloaded and installed, provided you have the correct stock recovery (v350) installed, you should be playing nice with Gingerbread.

And that’s your lot, at lease Dell Streak 5 owners will now be able to play nice with a better Android operating system, although it is not know whether Dell will release any further OS updates for the device at this time.

Of course if you do grab the Gingerbread update for your Streak 5 feel free to let us know if all goes well or you experience any problems by drooping us a comment to the area below.

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