Apple iPad 3 x 2 in January possibility

No doubt all iOS fans out there are wondering just when Apple will deliver the next generation Apple iPad, well the latest rumour on the Apple iPad 3 is that Apple will deliver not one but two versions of the next iOS slate in January, one high-end tablet and one mid-range with the mid-range model possibly touting the Apple iPad 2S moniker.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, this latest rumour should be taken with a large dose of salt as it comes from DigiTimes who say both the Apple iPad 3 and Apple iPad 2S will be unveiled at the Macworld/iWorld conference on Jan 26th.

The general consensus is that this is somewhat suspicious as back in 2008 Apple stated they would not exhibit at the conference after 2009, so if Apple sticks to their guns then something is obviously wrong with DigiTimes source.

As we know the first two iOS slates had their own media event with the original Apple iPad announced on the 27th January 2010 and the Apple iPad 2 made its appearance on the 2nd March 2011.

According to DigiTimes both new iOS slates will pack 9.7-inch displays rather than the rumoured 7.85-inch, and will both have QXGA resolution along with dual LED light bars for a brighter display as previously rumoured.

Camera wise apparently the Apple iPad 3 will offer a Sony supplied 8 megiapixel snapper whilst the mid-range iPad will sport a Samsung made 5 megapixel camera.

Naturally as expected Apple have not commented on this latest next generation iPad rumour, but as January the 26th isn’t really that far off it wont be long before either more concrete evidence surfaces or said iOS slates fail to appear.

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