2012 Apple iPad 3, battery giving twice as long

Rumours of a new Apple iPad 3 have been rife since the arrival of the iPad 2 back in March of this year. With the Cali company’s slate being as popular as ever, many have questioned whether this is a wise move on Apple’s part? Since the arrival of the original iPad tablet last year, other manufacturers have been bringing out their own offerings, which the majority of the time has cost less to the consumer.

News today from our very own James, has spoken about the possibility of Apple’s new iPad 3 tablet coming in January, with two devices being announced to suit all budgets. Although specifications for the iPad 3 are not set in stone, multiple sources have spoken of a new display, similar to that of the iPhone retina, along with the possibility of a top end model containing an 8 megapixel camera, whilst the other having a 5 megapixel.

What interested us is that of its battery life. According to businessinsider.com via DigiTimes, the current iPad uses a 6,500 milliampere hour (units of charge) battery, compared to what could be at least 14,000 milliampere seen on the new iPad 3. Therefore, if this does come to fruition, then the iPad’s life could be doubled.

Any updates to this, we will of course let you know! Let us know your comments on this, is this something that a new iPad needs?


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