Galaxy Nexus brand tablet vs new iPad 3?

Christmas has ended and with just a matter of days left until the start of a brand new year, we ask ourselves what the next twelve months will offer in terms of new devices. So far on the horizon, Apple are rumored to be bringing out a new iPhone 5 as well as a new iPad 3 tablet, and that’s without announcements that will be made at two major events scheduled in January and February 2012.

One piece of news that grabbed our attention today, is that of Google and the possibility that they may be bringing out their own top-end branded tablet device which could actually arrive by the middle of next year, this is hoped to be on parr with their newest Samsung Galaxy Nexus addition, with new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS.

According to the dailymail.co.uk, what’s sparked the recent rumors off is that Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, “In the next six months, we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

With Apple’s new iPad 3 rumored to be coming early part of next year, with rumors today pointing to its release on the late Steve Jobs birthday, and brand new enticing features such as a bigger higher resolution display, can Google do enough to cement it’s place on the market with their own branded tablet?

Give us your thoughts? Let us know if this is something you would like to see announced in 2012?


7 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus brand tablet vs new iPad 3?”

  1. Google has a solid place in the market, as there are currently more Android users than iOS. However, due to Apple’s innovation and standard-setting, they could fall behind. A tablet will help solidify their place in the market, but they’ll need more. Perfecting Google TV would help dramatically. Making the Android platform compatible with the communication styles of the new iOS also would contribute. Google is great, but they are getting a little messy. The next few moves from Apple are leftovers from Steve Jobs, but by the end of 2012, all of that should be out of their system. This year will bring a lot of movement and shaking. By 2013, we should be watching a victor emerge from the dust.

  2. Richard Bown says:

    Apple have a great opportunity now jobs is no longer with them to offer what android does – choice of devices. The ios market share is not growing as the smartphone market is booming, its existing users upgrading. The next big battle is going to be in the lower “pay as you io” end of the market, where the flexibility of android is already poised to do well. Only an ‘iphone light’ can compete here,something that woild never have come out of apple with jobs at the helm. As to apples “standard setting” this has diminished in reality, with it only being bandied about as a marketting term.

  3. Tomtorre says:

    When Google came out with their Flagship Smartphone, HTC Nexus One, THAT was bleeding edge for it’s time, the best Hardware that was available at the time – That’s what the Nexus Brand meant to me, The BEST of Hardware / Software AVAILABLE.  But Google is getting sloppy with the Nexus Brand, substandard Galaxy Nexus, what a shame and a disappointment to all that waited for the Next Nexus – I sure hope the NEXUS Tablet is not another rush to market, warmed over piece of tech with a NEXUS Stamp on IT… ;*/

  4. Richard, the idea you propose of iOS getting into multiple devices isn’t a bad one. Yet, Tomtorre makes a good point about what happens when a platform finds itself on several different devices. iPhone light isn’t a bad idea, but currently the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 serve that purpose. Apple designed the OS for specific hardware. It wouldn’t be as efficient if they weren’t able to do that.

  5. Apple has used the name “Steve Jobs” extensively in their marketing… Jobs doesn’t actually create the design or the software, its the job of the hard working and great innovator engineers hired by Apple (and a bunch of underpaid Chinese programmers for implementation)… He was an icon for Apple whom people respected and looked up to very much. He was a great CEO and marketer.

    I give credit for Apple for using his name really well. His “return” was so well thought out, it gave Apple the push it needed for their computerized fashion and their stock prices. That by itself was brilliant.

    Microsoft should learn from that. Bill Gates should be back as CEO when the first Windows 8 tablet is announced. It’ll be like him saying: “This is what a really useful tablet looks like, that isn’t just a game and/or a browser”, just like the days when Windows based PCs outperformed Macs in productivity and variety. It’ll boost sales by huge margin.

    Apple and Microsoft have what other companies don’t. A man with great taste and understanding of consumer mentality for the former, and an epic “geek” with amazing touches and a “wow, how did he do that?” factor for latter. Both were lucky enough to have some of the greatest minds on their sides… People know that and can relate to it. Steve jobs sells stuff that “just works” and will be something that makes them “fit in”. Bill Gates sells stuff that “do everything” and “runs anything”, that’s how normal people conceive it. It’s much easier than explaining to them that this device has a “retina” display, or that other device has a “quad core” processor… It’s all about the HYPE that those two can create.

    One of my friends said that “the iPhone 4S wasn’t good enough, because Steve Jobs wasn’t the one presenting it. I’m sure it’s missing something, I’m NOT convinced”…. See what I mean? I’m pretty sure he was also pissed off it wasn’t the iPhone 5.

    Me? I’m an Android fan for smartphones, a Windows fan for desktops and future tablets, and an Apple fan in the stock market. I’m not biased 😛

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