Speculated Choice: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Nexus 2

Both, the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are well known handsets in the smart phone market. Due to their advanced features and stylish designs, the two handsets are selling like hot cakes in stores, online and every other means of sales.

The iPhone has seen a variety of versions, with each one superseding its ancestors in specifications, style, design and a lot of other features. When Samsung launched the Galaxy Nexus, it was quite clear that it intended to target the iPhone market. Both phones have superior features and are desired by a wide range of customers.

But, what if the year 2012 would bring the launch of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2? What kind of features would they have that would woo customers towards them? What improvements can be made to the already existing versions that were released this year? Let’s take a look at some of the features that we hope to see in the next version of both phones.

iPhone 5:

The iPhone has already created a bounty of loyal customers. Every version of the iPhone has seen new developments and far reaching features that ensure that its customer base only increases every year. Take a look at some of the features that we would like to see in the iPhone 5.

Sleeker Design: Even though the iPhone 4S had a cutting edge design, it still looked quite bulky. The iPhone 5 should have a much sleeker design, giving it a contemporary look. This would certainly give it the edge over previous models.

Physical Keyboard: Every iPhone model has lacked this feature. A lot of iPhone customers want to be able to use a physical keyboard to be able to send quick messages, reply to emails and do a lot more. Launching the iPhone 5 with a physical keyboard will have all eyes popping and would certainly give birth to a new generation of iPhone models.

8-Megapixel Camera front/rear: The iPhone 4S comes with an 8MP camera on the rear and a decent one on the front. Although the clarity of the camera is unmatched, having a 12-megapixel camera on the new iPhone 5 will undoubtedly be a bonus, even though it will no doubt be another 8MP cam but more enhanced.

Face Recognition Security: Installing a face recognition security on the new iPhone 5 will give users a water tight security phone, ensuring that they have peace of mind at all times.

Improved Battery Life: Apple has been constantly working on this feature and this has been seen in each of the iPhone models, with each one having a better battery life than the previous model.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2:

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a tough competitor of the iPhone 4S. There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 will have much advanced features than the 4S and this is exactly why the Nexus 2 will also need to bring in a few improvements to compete with the new iPhone.

8-Megapixel Camera: The current Galaxy Nexus has a 5-megapixel camera, which is good enough to compete with the iPhone 4S. Since we speculate that the iPhone 5 will have an 8.0-megapixel camera, even though a 12 would be better, Samsung will have to add a similar lens on the Galaxy Nexus 2 as well.

More Memory: The current versions of the Nexus come with 16 and 32 GB of internal memory. Changing this to 64 GB of internal memory would certainly give the phone a boost in terms of sales.

Availability in More Colors: Since the Galaxy Nexus is only available in Black at the moment; users don’t have much choice but to go with that color. Launching the Nexus 2 in a wide range of colors will give customers the flexibility of choosing their favorite color.

Scratch Resistant Display: Initiating the Galaxy Nexus 2 with a scratch resistant display will put it on the same pedestal as the iPhone 5. This is one improvement that Samsung should definitely consider.

If your looking for a new top of the range smartphone in 2012 the either the next iPhone or the galaxy nexus would be a good bet, however we are also looking forward to information on the new Samsung Galaxy possibly in 3D? Make sure you choose the right smartphone when buying your next mobile phone deal.


35 thoughts on “Speculated Choice: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Nexus 2”

  1. Fromthedarkmatter says:

    Whoever wrote this article is a hack! The galaxy nexus already has a scratch resistant
    Screen! Face recognition is currently not a tried and true science for security on a
    Mobile phone and by the time the next generation versions of these phones arrive,
    aside from the evolutionary jumps in mobile technology, I’d expect battery life and resource management to be more important to the android/Samsung platform, than
    the scratch resistance of it’s screen. With Majel included in the next rollout, the galaxy
    Nexus 2 idea scares me.

  2. kpc says:

    This reeks of keyword saturation and other SEO manipulation to rank high despite a complete absence of actual content. This blog and author automatically lose all credibility for anything meaningful they may one day produce…

  3. Btc5472 says:

    The galaxy nexus does have scratch resistant glass. Its called fortfied glass. Just because the nexus doesnt have gorilla glass doesnt mean its not scratch resistant. The iphone doesnt yave gorilla glass. It will break even if u drop it on carpet

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mark, Mark, Mark.  Get a grip.  Cellphone manufacturers are constrained by two realities: (1) Most cellphones are bought “on contract” through carriers; and (2) For producers and carriers, profit margins are as important as anything else in deciding whether to carry a certain product.

    The first reality sets the upper limits of what a phone can cost.  Carriers will subsidize a portion of the off-contract price, leaving consumers to pay the rest.  Right now, $299 is the upper limit of what consumers will pay.

    The second reality puts a squeeze on production costs before they cut into profit margins.  Neither manufacturers nor carriers are interested in backing a new phone that would promise them less profit than they’re already getting from current designs.  That’s why they’re called businesses.

    Both Apple and Samsung could sell us better phones than the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus but not without cutting into profit margins, since the carriers won’t subsidize a larger portion of the cost and consumers aren’t expected to spend more.  They have to pick their battles, giving you this but stopping short of that.  The iPhone 4S has the best screen, but a smaller one.  It has Siri but no 4G.  The Galaxy Nexus has a bigger screen but cuts corners on the camera.  It has a cutting-edge OS but the Razr is thinner, has Gorilla Glass on the front and kevlar on the back.

    These phones could sport 12 mp cameras, come clothed in body armor, use faster chips and pack with better batteries – but not at prevailing prices without compromising profit margins.  To get more at the same price, the cost of components has to come down.  As these production costs decline, extra features are added.  Stated another way, they don’t make better phones while consumers are buying the current lineup.

    Dream on.

  5. Dinesh says:

    I almost fell out my chair when I read the
    pricing for the new iPhone 4S. It is astronomically priced at Rs. 57,500!!!
    When one can get other latest smartphones that are as good as this or maybe
    even better at a much lower price, I wonder what Apple was thinking while
    pricing this phone here in India. One could buy a bike for this much money, or
    once could in fact buy 2 other high-end smartphones at the same price. It is
    plain stupidity keeping a phone so expensive in a market like India’s. It is in
    no way worth so much of cash and they really need to rethink their strategy
    regarding their device. #epicfail

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gee, Christmas is barely over and the sharp, mean-spirited blades of criticism are already out!

    Let’s be more charitable here and skip the wholesale dismissal of the column and the ad hominem attacks on the writer.  The idea of the column is a good one; the whole exercise is speculative for both phones and the author provided some good areas to consider.  

    I do hope that both companies look to increase camera sensor size and focus more on low-light performance with manual exposure controls than the silly megapixel arms race, which is counter-productive.  More pixels ≠ better picture.  We’re well past the point where that matters.

  7. TechnoGeek says:

    “64 GB of internal memory would certainly give the phone a boost in terms of sales.” I don’t think so. Let’s try a ext. sd card and maybe something new like a USB 3.0 connection. If the iphone had a 4.65 inch screen like the nexus their would be no need for a slide out keyboard. Hell I don’t even use the slide out on my og droid. Maybe a slide out phone with two 4.0 inch screens? Let’s be creative here.
    “Gee, Christmas is barely over and the sharp, mean-spirited blades of criticism are already out!””Let’s be more charitable here and skip the wholesale dismissal of the column and the ad hominem attacks on the writer.  The idea of the column is a good one; the whole exercise is speculative for both phones and the author provided some good areas to consider.”

    @starman_andromeda sycophant?    

  8. Pathum Addarapathirana says:

    arent they comin out with quad cores??

    What i want in the next galaxy nexus is MUCH BETTER BATTERY LIFE
    it already has a huge battery, i even installed the extended battery which is a 2100 mah battery which is huge but i still get VERY POOR BATTERY LIFE
    Next nexus should be quadcore 1.5ghz (*Ahem* without any stupid issues)
    Next firmware should be great (again *Ahem* without very stupid issues)
    Facebook and Google need to have an agreement 
    A better camera (yes the current one is fast, but in terms of quality like red-eye its the worst)
    I really expected a better screen than Galaxy S2 but Google didnt deliver
    A louder speaker 
    Shouldnt have a kick stand 
    Google music should work with AAC (i kno this is a issue but i would love for it to happen)
    USB 3.0 
    Gorilla Glass
    Bluetooth 4.0

    thats all i can think of right now 

  9. Jim says:

    The nexus already has a scratch resistant display. Research THEN write please. There are ideos on youtube of people trying to scratch it with keys lol.

      1. Nexuslimo says:

        Ummm…you do realise that Gorilla glass is just a company name right? The Gnex does indeed come with scratch resistant glass but since Gorilla glass (THE COMPANY) could not provide Samsung with a curved glass they had to opt for another company that did.

        So to summarize….Gorilla glass is a company name and NOT a type of.glass.
        Gnex DOES have scratch resistant glass.

      2. Kyle Durie says:

        That’s like saying, If it’s not . deer park…it’s not water. Gorilla Glass isn’t the only company in the world that produces resistant glass. If it was, they would be a hell of a lot richer than they are now because no one would know how to make it besides them. Get common sense, THEN write please.

  10. Erol says:

    Why do you think a physical keyboard is a good idea – its really amusing to read a blog about smartphones cling to this ridiculous opinion. It’s a redundant, space killing, useless, dinosaur feature that – sales prove – nobody prefers to have. It’s a key reason why RIMM lost market share so quickly, and why the iPhone and Galaxy are considered industry standards with sky-high growth rates.

    1. Zachrocks13 says:

      ya they said they want the iPhone 5 to be thinner but if they add a keybored it will be fatter and i dont want a Physicl keybored there stupid !!!!!!!!

  11. Tracy says:

    Listen, iPhones are cool phones for stupid people. The rest of us prefer the more advanced, open source, customizable, flexible, faster Android devices.

    This list was iPhone bias.

    Let’s not forget where a physical keyboard got Blackberry. Nowhere.

    -Tracy (typing on my scratch resistant, modded, SGS2)

    PS: Who needs a freaking physical keyboard when you have a large beautiful display and Swype?

  12. Tom says:

    This is a really close minded and un-educated speculation. Clearly biased towards iPhone.

    – No one wants a physical keyboard, and Apple will not be implementing it.- I think the Nexus will have a a camera win excess of 8MP; as the current Galaxy already has    8MP.
    – Really? You think more people will buy the Nexus if it comes in more colours. The only people dumb enough to only by phones based on it’s colours, and appearance are iPhone users. 
    – “Initiating the Galaxy Nexus 2 with a scratch resistant display will put it on the same pedestal as the iPhone 5”
    …Wow man, wow. The Nexus will have much higher specs than the iPhone, as with all high end androids. It’s pedestal is already much, much higher then iPhone. That is possibly the dumbest thing I have read.

    1. Rhys Smith says:

      Fool! The Nexus has a 5MP camera… and the different colours thing, that’s indeed a good idea why would you shun that? it gives people more ways to express themselves, if you think that’s just stupid then so be it. A person looking to be serious would often buy a black phone for a serous job etc. A younger buyer would want something in say a Lumia 800 kind of blue because it shows they’re not as serious, but this is all profiling and judging before you know someone kind of thing… just my input 🙂

      1. Miguel Zapatero says:

         you’re an Idiot… he said current galaxy phone… the S3 has a 8mp camera. and androids are now coming with better optics and sensors than the iPhone. He also didn’t say not to make more colors, just that the people concerned with the appearance of their phone will buy Apple while people concerned with the phone’s specs will buy Google; so there isn’t an undying need for it. The galaxy S3 already has corning gorilla glass, so it’s safe to expect the new nexus to have gorilla or lotus glass and be much tougher than that cheap glass apple uses that breaks easier than a 80year old mans bone. Androids do everything the iPhone does, plus a lot lot lot more. My old windows phone from 4 years ago had more functionality built in.

        1. AppleISaCult says:

          Not saying you’re wrong but almost everyone I know has an iPhone and they all freak out when they see my phone. “Look at that screen wtf phone is that??” Is the most often occurring response I get

  13. S1i2d3d4 says:

    This blog puts the nexus as an equal to the iphone. it’s almost as if the iphone is being glorified. gimme a break the nexus was and always will be a lot better than iphone

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