MWC 2012: new Galaxy S III’s opposition HTC Edge

As we enter into yet another new year, major events will be scheduled to take place throughout 2012 in order to show off new exciting devices. In January we have the Consumer Electronics Show to look forward to, as well as the Mobile World Congress the following month, and it’s this that we wanted to report on.

Starting on February 27th in Barcelona, South Korean company Samsung are rumored to be unveiling their brand new Galaxy S III phone, a follow-on to the extremely popular Galaxy S II which wowed a huge audience of customers this year. But will Samsung’s announcement be short lived with the possibility of rivals HTC showcasing their new Edge phone at the same event.

Only time will tell, but interestingly according to fudzilla.com, both phones are rumored to be of an Exynos quad-core design, with the Samsung Galaxy S III featuring the addition of 3D, LTE, 720p Super Amoled Plus screen and an increased camera size of 12MP compared to the present 8MP.

The Edge on the other hand, is expected to arrive with not only a quad-core design, but a 4.7-inch HD display, 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP to the front, 1GB of RAM as well as new features from HTC’s store such as Read, Watch and HTC Play, with the addition of Android’s new ICS 4.0 OS.

Would you be in the market for a new Samsung Galaxy S III model or even HTC’s Edge?


6 thoughts on “MWC 2012: new Galaxy S III’s opposition HTC Edge”

  1. Tomtorre says:

    I’m leaning toward the Samsung G3 – upgrading from my G2 – but the HTC sounds interesting – love my Android but it should be interesting to see what Apple will throw against the wall (in 2012) to see what sticks (rumored iPhone5 AGAIN, LoL)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am leaning towards the Samsung S 3 – upgrading from my S 1 as the S3 is reported to have a much larger battery.and HTC products all have battery issues.

    1. Ian farnborough says:

      High capacity batteries are widely available for any smartphone. friend has an SII which discharges quicker than my HTC Sensation XE. Depends what you regularly use it for and what apps are always on.

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