A to Z Android OS names: Guessing Game

There are many Google Android devices on the market, and the latest operating system at present is called, Ice Cream Sandwich aka ICS 4.0. We would like to look at the Android OS history and future with its names.

Google has named its operating system in alphabetical order, A and B was skipped and first to release was Google Android Cupcake, the alphabet releases continue from D to I.

So C = Cupcake, then D for Donut, E = Eclaire, then followed by F for Froyo, G is the well-known Gingerbread OS, H = Honeycomb, and the latest as said above is I for Ice Cream Sandwich.

So we have C to I covered by Google, but what about J to Z? Will the operating system names continue right up to Z, or will they stop way before then? If Google does decide to carry on the names in alphabetical order, what will they be called?

Next release will be J, will this be Jelly Bean, then K will come and seeing as all the names account for cakes or sweets K could be Kit-Kat or Key Lime Pie, L could be Lemon Pie or Lemon Meringue, and so forth.

Please do send in your names for future Google Android OS names, this is what we call the guessing game.


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    1. beth2645 says:

      when they made all of the ios softwares they were in a meeting room and they couldnt think of names for them so a guy walked in with a tray of donuts and one man said “let’ s name them after deserts!” truly this did happen weird isn’ t it? something so simple could do something so massive like name softwares through one simple action like bringing in a tray of donutrs!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Google can do as they please all android supporters could care less about the names just bring the products and the cohesive operating system…Clearly Google rules…..

  2. B. says:

    L- or licorice
    M- marshmallow, mousseN- nougat (if letter is done)
    O- —-P- peach cobbler or something with pineapple, pecan pieR- rice pudding, red velvet (if letter is done)
    S- sno cone, strawberry shortcake
    T- tart, taffy, toffy (if letter is done)
    U- —
    V- —
    W- watermelon, waffle
    X- —
    Y- yogurt (if letter is done)
    Z- — 
    🙂 hope these could be right

  3. J.L.Tony says:

    This is my Opinion,
    A should be Apple Pie and B is Biscuit/Bublegum
    As we know C to J which are:
    Froyo (Frozen Yogurt)
    Ice Cream Sandwich
    and lastly…………
    Jelly Bean
    Android has rumors that the next one would be Key Lime Pie…

    So now I am continuing to the next ones,
    L=Lollipop, the great treat for kids. That would attract people as the name will sound good, Android Lollipop, how about that?
    O=Orange Muffin
    This would be delicious and good sounding after a long time with one word names.
    P=Pineapple Jam
    Sure that after such a good word like Orange Muffin, there should be a good sounding word not a boring one like peanut or pepper.
    Q=Queen Of Hearts Tart
    Although there are not many foods starting with Q, it would not be nice if Android gave it up. It would sound as they were giving up.
    R=Raspberry Tart
    My favourite snack.
    S=Strawberry Trifle
    There are many snacks starting with S, but this really has a knack in it.
    T=Treacle Pudding
    Nothing better than an old treacle pudding on a good old day. This is also popular in Britain, so I guess they could boost up their sales there a bit. Toffee could also be a great choice but I like this best.
    U=Upside-down cake
    I still remember the days when I was young and the days I loved this. Some people ridicule this, but I think this name is good, as how many snacks or desserts are there in the letter U?
    V=Vanilla Milkshake
    After a whole series of food and snacks, Android might want a name of a drink in their series too. I mean, it would be boring if we kept talking about food only and not drinks, right.
    W=Whipped Cream
    X=I am not sure of it at all, very tough, maybe xylophone snacks?
    A good tasting food, fun for kids.
    Z=This is tough, I cannot think of anything.

    1. bahrta says:

      I think vanilla might confuse some since that’s what pure android is already called regardless of the version, but for lack of a better name I’d go with it.

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