Android and iOS 2012 New Years Resolutions

We have now entered 2012 and no doubt many have followed the tradition of making a New Years resolution, whether that be giving up smoking, working harder, striving to achieve your goals and such, but what we’d like to know is did your New Years resolution revolve around your beloved iOS or Android device?

As we walk into 2012 have you decided to stop flashing your Android handset with custom ROMs, or maybe you are an iOS users and have made a resolution not to keep on jailbreaking your smartphone, or perhaps you’ve decided that this year you will not spend so much money on purchasing mobile apps.

Maybe you have made a resolution to switch mobile carrier in 2012 or perhaps have even decided to leave iOS and Android and give Windows Phone a go, or have you made that New Years resolution not to rely on your mobile device so much, or maybe you have decided to go multi-platform with perhaps an Android smartphone but with an Apple iPad as your tablet choice or visa versa.

Perhaps this year you have decided to make sure you become more fit and healthy and have opted to do so by using numerous mobile apps, or have you made that resolution to stay in contact with your family more often by text, and video calls.

Basically what we are asking is for our readership to let us know if their New Years resolution revolves around their mobile device and if so what their mobile New Years Resolution is, so feel free to share those Android and iOS 2012 New Years resolutions to our comments area below.

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