Control Your Car Via iPhone: Automobile Impact

As technology continues to integrate into all aspects of everyday life through the home computer and now through the essentially portable computers that serve as our phones, there remains little ground that has not been impacted. Our phones have nearly every capability that modern technology offers the individual and while the primary focus remains being a phone, the majority of phones ‘especially the iPhone’ on the market now have secondary features to serve as cameras, music players, gaming devices, web browsers, and many others.

In fact, most would say that the only major remaining area that modern mobile phones don’t impact is our automobiles. However, this is about to change with the introduction of varying car apps that are storming the market.

Having a remote for your car is as simple as having an iPhone, as well as other smart-phones, that will have multiple apps can serve as tools related to the car. These apps will come to serve as a new generation of keys with the ability to both lock and start your car remotely. Competing companies have been aiming to provide these apps, and one company who believes they are on the mark is Delphi. The engineers took an item that was already out, the Sony Reader, and asked what “can we do to improve this?” The answer came in the form of installing a Bluetooth link from a phone to the key fob in an effort to link the two, providing many new functions controllable by the phone.

This technological combination is supposedly powerful enough to locate your car up to a mile away and be able to report the vehicle status back to you. What this means to the majority of buyers is that during a cold winter they will be able to start and warm their car from the comfort of their bed via the iPhone. The opposite holds true during the summer with control of the windows, with the ability to roll them down at the touch of a button ridding the vehicle of that often feeling prior to getting in. On top of controlling the car, this app serves to help inform about the health of the vehicle by monitoring tire pressure, fuel, and other important engine fluids.

Having your car and phone linked in this way seems almost too beneficial, and many have been asking will there be any risk of someone else remotely controlling my car? As always with remote access technology security is a primary concern on the buyers mind, and the presence of a key fob serves as the primary deterrent.

It serves this purpose, as a key fob is a physical object the owner must possess to be able to use the vehicle. The key fob functions similar to that of an ATM by, every time the person wishes to use the vehicle, it is required for the driver to enter a PIN to authenticate them as the owner. If the PIN is correct, the fob displays a number for the user to use to enter the network that allows them to unlock and start their vehicle. This device prevents anyone without the fob from having access to the car, thus being the primary means of security to remote access.

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