The need for new smartphone technology 2012

2011 was a great year for new smartphones; we had greats like the new Apple iPhone 4S, the Galaxy Nexus, and so many more. Now it is time to move on and bring something new to the table, this is where we look at the need for new smartphone technology 2012.

There is always a need for future smartphone technology, life would get boring without it. New handsets are being released this year, such as the Motorola Droid 4, the Amazon smartphone, HTC will have a new line-up this year, one called the HTC Elite, there will be a new Panasonic smartphone featuring a 4.3 inch qHS 960 x 540 OLED screen, the Meizu MX handset will be released this year also. There are many new names being launched but will they be better than the 2011 smartphones?

Some say the Galaxy Nexus 2 and the iPhone 5 will release this year, even though this all sounds good we believe companies should think outside the box for a change, smartphones with a bigger screen, who cares, better pixel density, yet again who cares, where will smartphones be in the future?

Now we move on to the future technology, something that really counts when it comes to the wow factor. Standalone smartphones makes us yawn a little, ok it is always good that a new handset will be announced, being it Android, iOS or a Windows Phone, the competition and debates when it comes to these three is sometimes mind boggling reading material from users and fans.

Personally a smartphone with a display more than 4.65-inches is too big, this is on the tablet borderline, pointless putting a mega fast processor under the bonnet if the phone cannot handle the power, 4G is only good if you are in an area that supports it. As usual there is always good and bad in everything, we personally like both Android and iOS and each has their unique power.

Android is fantastic thanks to its open source love, the iOS is great for its ease of use and syncing power with other Apple products, customers cannot have the best of both worlds unless you are sitting pretty with the bank manager, unless you have plenty of cash to buy both types of smartphones you have to opt for one, which is a hard decision for some.

Thinking out of the box for future technology, how about the user choosing whatever phone they like with the choice of what operating system they want, for example choosing an iPhone with the option of Android, or an Android phone with the option of iOS installed, another words the option to switch between to operating systems. This will never happen we know, but should this not be down to the customer to decide?

Phones Review Perfect Phone: Screen size at 4.65-inches, Tegra 3 processor (2.3GHz), 150GB storage space, full HD, dual SIM slots, 2×25 watt micro speakers, ability to use as normal phone or wear as a watch or bracelet, another words we mean morphing abilities, settings where you can switch between iOS 6/7 or Android Jelly Bean etc.

Going Totally Crazy: What about contact lenses where users can see their smartphones screen when someone is calling, or the ability to watch videos via contact lenses?

If you have any ideas for new smartphone technology 2012, please do let us know we would love to know what your perfect handset would feature. Please let us know in the comments area below, thanks.


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  1. Alan Thompson says:

    Is there any reason why you make so little mention of Nokia’s new phones?
    I for one would like to read something more than your endless reports about Google and Android phones.
    Is this site biased in some way?

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