Android Fan vs iPhone lover: The great debate

When it comes to Android phones and the Apple iPhone the argument continues to grow, Apple only has the iPhone whereas the Google Android platform is on many phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Nexus and many more.

On my personal Google+ page I asked a question, which was “What are your 2012 Apple iPhone 5 predictions?” This led to a little debate between and Android Fan and an iPhone lover.

I will use their names below, if they ask me to remove their names then I will do so, cannot see it being a problem considering this is a worthy debate, everyone is entitled to their opinion right?


Adrian Law – it will be interesting. Considering the 4s is not a match for the galaxy s2, which was released months before. They need something game changing

S.Mohsin Hasan – galaxy sucks man, iPhone rocks!!

Adrian Law – another comedian!

S.Mohsin Hasan – I pity you, its not your fault 🙂 enjoy your galaxy!

GhaV jGRite – I predict it’ll fall short and lack something that another device that’s been on the market for over a year already has.

Adrian Law – does the 4s even have nfc?

S.Mohsin Hasan – Even then also android sucks long time man you accept or not 🙂

Adrian Law – not one for accepting blanket statements… care to expand your reasoning?

Jakub Klepka – Who cares about this crap phone?

Libor Stloukal – well +Adrian Law as you can see, iPhone certainly rocked +S.Mohsin Hasan a lot. Yeah, galaxy sucks you’re right. It sucks soooo much that it beats iphone 4s on all lines. I’m actually waiting for the galaxy s3 to keep up with my expectations and requirements. What? +S.Mohsin Hasan iphone? They still make them? phhh, who would buy that crapple anyway. Yeah, hold on. You would.

Libor Stloukal – I just love how apple fanboys like +S.Mohsin Hasan get all worked up and then they have to keep saying how satisfied they are with the just released outdated outperformed and expensive stuff. You seen one of those North Korean guys videos when they’re forced to pretend? Have a look at one, maybe you’ll see yourself there somewhere.

Adrian Law – My upgrade is due in august, I cant decide between the galaxy S3 or wait for the next Nexus which by my guess work alone should be available late 2012

Libor Stloukal+Adrian Law thing is, nexus is pure Google experience as Google designed/planned. Samsung adopts slight changes. Don’t know what the actual difference is in terms of user experience but you can easily investigate it by doing some research.

Adrian Law – Yes I’m fully aware of what the nexus is, I have a Nexus S myself. The amount of bloat on phones these days (with the exception of HTC) seem to be reducing and ICS is helping there too. The other thing that will affect my decision is how much headway 4g gets in the UK. If its looking like its going to get a reasonable roll out in the next couple of years I might have to make sure my next phone is 4g capable.

Please let us know what you think on the above debate? Please join me Mark Chubb on Google+


6 thoughts on “Android Fan vs iPhone lover: The great debate”

  1. Lola_89 says:

    Y’all say iPhone is expensive and outdated but in reality if u get an iPhone w/contract it will cost you 200$ but a galaxy s or nexus u have to cough up 50$ more and let say android phone get hacked easily also many glitches and viruses if you not careful with the iPhone you don’t worry bout anything so tell me whats better now….

    1. Anonymous says:

      What are you on about?

      Android gets hacked easily with many glitches and viruses?

      I have an Android and i never got hacked, never got those glitches and viruses.

  2. Danny4way says:

    Some people really should wake up by now. Look, iPhone is better in Camera. So what? We won’t use phone for camera. I know Android is always the best phone to play around. iPhone is just a name. If you guys want to do anything you want or whatever you want with your phone, android would be the best one for you. Android features that beat iPhone = :LED Notification, New 4.1 Jellybean Google search (Way smarter than Siri), can download anything you want from your web browser just like your computer. iPhone= best touch screen ever but can’t download anything you want from Safari unless if you jailbreak it, not smart enough siri, and no LED notification.  Before you get iPhone, think about it. You won’t regret it after you buy an iPhone because everyone thinks iPhone is the best phone right there. But if you are looking for a phone that could do anything you want, Android is here for you.  Best android devices= HTC One X, HTC One S, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Evo 4G LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy III, Samsung Galaxy II.  Any Samsung, and HTC android products are good. But I wouldn’t suggest LG. 

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