Nexus ICS 7-inch slate possibly on its way

A while ago Eric Schmidt let the mobile space know that Google is planning on delivering a tablet to the mobile space, and said tablet could arrive within six months, and now word has it that this new ‘Nexus’ tablet will come out to play sporting a 7-inch display along with Google’s latest operating system, Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Business Insider, the usual source of most iOS rumours, DigiTimes is reporting that the Nexus Android 4.0 7-inch tablet will command a price tag that will enable the Android tablet to compete against the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.

According to unnamed sources within the company’s supply chain, the word is the Nexus Android 4.0 slate could possibly be ready for release as soon as March or April.

Naturally nothing else is known on this Google branded tablets at the moment, however apparently Google’s Taiwan office has stated that they are not aware of any planned Google branded tablet of any description.

So for now anyway, it would appear that this latest piece of Nexus tablet news remains firmly in the land of rumour and should be treated as such until further info becomes available.

Having said that, if memory serves correctly, didn’t Google once say they weren’t in the phone making business? Besides, a Nexus tablet, whether it be a 7-inch or other size seems like a reasonable next move to me, what about you, would you like to see a Nexus tablet come out to play in the not too distant future?

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