iPad price drop strategy could impact non-Apple tablets

The tablet market needs something different, so to kickstart 2012 Apple is looking at the iPad price drop strategy that could impact non-Apple tablets, even the Amazon Kindle could be affected. The new iPad 3 releasing this year could be priced from US$499, but two new Apple tablet releases this year will see major price cuts on the current models.

Digitimes reports something very interesting indeed, two new iPads could be released this year, this means that Apple will be in a great position to knock its current iPad price down to a mere US$299, this results in new pricings set at US$299, US$349 or US$399 for WiFi models. It is crucial for Apple to get this right to set an example so that other non-Apple tablets cannot compete with.

The two new iPad models set to release will apparently come equipped with the A6 processor, the higher end model will boast a 2048 x 1536 high-res panel, and the mid range model will come with 1024×768 just like the iPad 2.

Non-Apple tablet price range is set between US$199-399, so if Apple cuts its prices this will surely give the Amazon Kindle a kick in the teeth. Please do comment your views below.


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