Personal vs Business: mobile apps most used

No too long ago the business arena was completely dominated by BlackBerry smartphone offering the only mobile phone for business purposes, but over the last few years BlackBerry has lost its grip on the business world to the likes of the iPhone and Android smartphones, although BlackBerry does still command a presence in the business sector.

However, with the arrival of mobile apps on every mobile platform, the smartphone and tablet is now not just for personal use but can be used to your daily running of your business as well. Of course when mobile apps first appeared they were intended purely for entertainment use when at home or out and about.

However as mobile applications have evolved along with smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are now freely available to business users enabling them to stay in touch with colleagues and keep up with the day to day running of a company when they are not there, you only have to look at iTunes, and the Android Market to see just how business apps have taken off.

Many users still use mobile apps for gaming, chatting and the like, and now many have taken up mobile apps to use at work or when on the way to work, thus making life easier for the business orientated.

So with this in mind we’d like to ask our readership which type of mobile application do they use most, do you still download more personal apps than business apps or is it the other way round and you use more business apps than personal?

Feel free to let us know which mobile apps, personal or business, you use on your smartphone or tablet by posting to our comments area below.

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