Time to Toast your iPhone in a hot dock

I don’t know about you but when looking around for speaker docks to optimize your iPod/iPhone listening experience, they all seem to be very similar in style. Black or white plastic boxes with nothing much else to distinguish them apart, other than the quality of sound that they emit.

This is now set to change with a new dock from Gavio, packed with more style than is possibly necessary. Looking like an old style toaster, your Apple device slips into what would be the toasting rack at the top. Slices down the front and rear of the unit give that toaster theme and also allow the 3-watt amplifier to pump out the sounds.

As reported by Technabob, the single dial on the front adjusts the volume rather than selecting a browning setting. There is also a plunger on the side, although its function hasn’t been released yet, it could be for track changes or just for show.

The duties of powering the Gavio Toast speaker dock fall on a built-in Li-Ion battery, so you can position it anywhere. As yet Gavio haven’t given any ideas of pricing but we hope to a release early this year.

Could this fuel other manufacturers into changing their designs, will we be seeing docks in the shape of other kitchen gadgets? Give us your thoughts.

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