Kickstarter Project of the day: Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

There’s a project running on Kickstarter that has garnered quiet a bit of interest and is for the Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker project, which has already received some 3609 backers so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if we see this new device becoming available fairly soon, so what is this Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker?

Well according to Kickstarter it is the “simplest and most intuitive product ever,” based on a minimal design, when asleep the device hides all its functions and stays unanimated and silent and to switch the device on all you do is turn and lift its cap.

With the Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker the higher you lift the cap the more volume is emitted and will deliver in excess of 80dB of sound. The Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker supports the iPhone and Apple iPad along with any other tablet or smartphone via its Bluetooth tech.

The Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker Kickstarter project had a funding target of $125,000 and will run to the 18th of this month, but this product has received an abundance of interest as has already raised a whopping $636,483.

The success of this project has been so massive that the Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker has now been selected as part of the 2012 gift box of the Academy Awards Oscar ceremony.

Rather than me explaining what the Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker is all about, we have a video of the two developers explaining all about the Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker below for your viewing consideration, so head on down and mash that play button to check it out…enjoy.

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