iPhone 4S Siri the vulgar, boy gets abused

After months and months of speculation and waiting patiently, Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone finally arrived October 2011. With the addition, came new features including A5 processor, 8 MP camera and of course Siri voice recognition and it’s this that we wanted to focus on.

Many have praised the new feature, which allows you to ask questions and receive answers as well as using it to remind you of everyday tasks that might otherwise get forgotten about. But today Siri has come under fire, after a 12-year old boy in the UK received verbal abuse from a demo unit that was currently on show in a supermarket.

According to theinquirer.net, the incident happened when the boy managed to take the demo smartphone off a shelf in Tesco’s, asked the iPhone 4S a question being “How many people are there in the world.” In response Siri answered abusive content to the young lad, of which we cannot repeat.

Staff working at the supermarket in Coventry were completely taken aback as was the boy’s mother and the demo unit was unplugged. In response to the outburst, staff can only assume that the iPhone 4S with its set-up instructions has been interfered with.

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What are your thoughts on today’s story?

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