RIM Shake up, BlackBerry tablet cuts & executive decisions

News for Canadian company Research in Motion, makers of BlackBerry is still looking bleak as we enter into 2012. As well as dropped sales of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and delays of a new OS onto their smartphones, can the news get any worse for the company in question?

According to the guardian.co.uk, the answer is yes! Today’s news has stated that individual Barbara Stymiest familiar with RIM’s movements, pointed out that co-founders/co-chairmen Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis could be replaced from their current chairmanship. As well as this, we reported yesterday that in the US, the PlayBook’s price has been cut allowing customers to buy any one of the three models for a cost of $299, this is hoped to entice consumers into buying the tablet device, something of which has proved difficult to sell.

In a statement from BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis he said, “Any talk about an independent chairman is going to give this company a boost. It will increase the likelihood the value of this company will be unlocked. It breaks the stranglehold the current CEOs and co-chairs have on the company.”

Due to the company’s share price-drop last year, other parties have questioned that the Canadian company should think about a complete shake up, whether its split or even being bought out.

Can RIM come back from this?

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