Mobile phone theft leads to 17 year olds death

We all know it is nice to own a mobile phone and lets be quite honest here there are many handsets out there that are very cheap to purchase, but in this day and age the mobile phone has becomes somewhat of a big target for thieves, and one such case of attempted mobile phone theft here in the UK has turned into a manslaughter case.

The Daily Mail reports that back in January of last year 17 year old Ezekiel Amosu was knocked down in front of an oncoming bus in an attempt to steal the youths mobile device resulting in the death of the youngster.

The Old Bailey was told that on the 24th of January 2011, in Walthamstow, London, Amosu and a friend were confronted by 3 hooded youths that demanded both Amous and his friend hand over their phones. The friend managed to get away, but when Amosu attempted to get away a 4th member of the gang that was told to “stop him,” put out his foot and Amosu to trip and fall in front of the bus.

Amosu died of multiple “crushing” injuries to the head and chest and died “almost instantaneously.” The Old Bailey jury were told that the four thieves, three of whom were aged 15 at the time fled the scene.

The defendants all now 16 from north and east London and cannot be named for legal reasons deny manslaughter and 3 also deny 2 counts of attempted robbery, and the trial continues.

So simply for the want of a couple of mobile phones one young lad is dead and four others are facing a prison sentence, wouldn’t it have been far easier to just buy a cheap handset, honestly I don’t quite understand some of the youth today.

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