Apple iPad 3 followed by iPad 4 in Oct

As we have previously reported there have been some rumours that Apple will deliver not one but two iOS slates in 2012, although previously it was rumours one would be an upgraded Apple iPad 2 whilst the other would be the Apple iPad 3; however new word on these two iOS slates has now hit the net waves.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of DigiTimes (so this could be way off the mark,) according to unnamed industry sources in Taiwan, Apple will ship the Apple iPad 3 sometime in March and will follow up with a release of the Apple iPad 4 sometime in October 2012.

According to the sources, the Apple iPad 3 HD display rumour is reaffirmed but now adds that the iOS tablet will have a longer battery life, whilst “other hardware specifications may not be so amazing as expected.”

When it comes to the Apple iPad 4 the tablet will retain the 9.7-inch size along with “much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications,” enabling the iPad 4 to compete against the like of Android and Windows 8 slates release in Q4.

Apparently according to the “moderate changes” to the iPad 3, this will enable Apple to deliver a higher resolution display whilst lowering the price and is said to be considering chopping 100-bucks of the Apple iPad 3 to bring the entry-level version out at $399.

Of course this is all speculation at the moment and obviously Apple isn’t saying a word on the matter so for now this should be treated as pure rumour.

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