Snapdragon GameCommand to Launch on Android Market at CES 2012

For Android users out there Qualcomm has a new mobile app treat in store for CES 2012 as Qualcomm has now announced they are to launch their Snapdragon GameCommand app for Android to the Android Market on the opening day of CES 2012, the 10th of January, so next Tuesday.

Optimised for Snapdragon devices the Snapdragon GameCommand app for Android enables users to quickly find, organise and access the latest Snapdragon optimised, featured and exclusive games available to mobile phones and tablets.

With Snapdragon GameCommand the user also receives feeds from the top gaming sites so they can stay up to date with the latest gaming news, and gives early access to over 100 Snapdragon GamePack features games such as “Fight Game Heroes” that provides head-to-head battles.

Other games accessible via the Snapdragon GameCommand Android app include, Desert Winds a mini game whereby players become princess Amira and fight gruesome creatures of the desert, and Bunny Maze 3D where gamers help the bunny to retrieve stolen carrots.

The director of advanced gaming at Qualcomm, Dave Durnil says, “Snapdragon GameCommand make it easy for consumers to discover and access the most advanced Snapdragon optimised games. With exclusive and highly-anticipated games like ‘Fight Game Heroes’ and ‘The Reem’ Snapdragon mobile gaming is really starting to heat up.”

It is expected that Snapdragon GameCommand will be available in North America on launch and will become available in over markets at a later date.

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