HTC HD8 Windows Phone in the making

Apparently there is a rumour doing the rounds that HTC is working on a successor to the HTC HD7 handset in the form of the HTC HD8, a Windows Phone handset that would suggest it would be a Windows Phone 8 device than Windows Phone 7 and is apparently out somewhere in Romania.

According to the guys over at Engadget by way of Pocket Now and WPCentral, the HTC HD8 was spotted on the Windows Phone app, “I’m a WP7!” and that it first appeared back on the 30th of December 2011 and running Windows Phone 7 build 7740.

Apparently all this could point to HTC doing some really early testing of the new smartphone that is apparently working on Romanian network Vodafone RO, and apparently could launch with Microsoft’s next platform called Apollo aboard.

Whether we will get to find out more on this supposed HTC HD8 during CES 2012 or even Mobile World Congress 2012 remains to be seen, but as soon as more info comes out about this device we will of course pass it along.

Does the possibility of the HTC HD8 excite you or are you not too bothered about yet another Windows Phone, personally my daughter had an HTC HD7 handset for a while and to be quite honest it didn’t work all that well so she switch to Android, but horses for courses I guess, no doubt the Windows Phone faithful out there will be pleased if this does turn out to be on the mark.

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5 thoughts on “HTC HD8 Windows Phone in the making”

  1. mlewis says:

    Would you please be specific on what problems your daughter had with the HD7.  Were they hardware related or software or both or you don’t know, or she really didn’t have any problems just wanted to switch to something that everyone else has???!!!

  2. Bono5112 says:

    I have an HD7 and have had zero problems with it. WP7 is the smoothest os out there and yes I’ve tried Android. Was on android for 2 years (G1, Cliq and Vibrant) each one worse than the next. The thing is I dont think it was the phones. Android is the most frustrating laggy ugly os I’ve used. I will never go back. If WP7 doesn’t make it( although I have no doubt it will be successful ) I would switch back to ios. HD7 is a great phone in my opinion and its a first generation, now were starting to see the second generation phones….. Look Out!

  3. Myusterion says:

    you could not write a more ambiguous and vague article, even if you tried more…nothing is understandable from what you wrote, noodles, noodles, apparently, may be, possibly..all is air and wind here…get some brains please…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I got my HD7 in February…..STILL GOT IT ONE YEAR LATER, no GalaxyS2 or Iphone4S could made me switch, so I guess the only phone that will atract me more will be an HD8 

  5. “and to be quite honest it didn’t work all that well”
    umm, what didn’t work so well?

    I have been using an HD7 for a year now. Switched from iPhone 3GS and never looked back.
    IMO there’s nothing that comes to WP in terms of simplicity and elegance!

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