iPhone 4S for China Telecom, CDMA-2000 compatible

China Telecom is all set to get the Apple iPhone 4S, many have worried that the US version of the smartphone will not work in China. This company will be the second Chinese carrier to get this smartphone and should start selling this Friday.

This will drive Apple’s sales growth further this year, a few analysts believe that this iPhone 4S version will not work on China Telecom’s network, like Verizon Wireless and AT&T versions in the U.S. This is similar to China Telecom and China Unicom who use different wireless technologies, in a nutshell phones that are made for one company will not work for the other, but it has been said by WJS that the CT iPhone 4S is compatible with “CDMA-2000.”

The latest news reports that this Apple smartphone does use the same technology as China Telecom’s network, and has officially been approved by China Radio Management agency (These are the national telecom regulator’s).

At the moment the iPhone’s model number is A1387, other certifications will follow soon such as a network access license, these are a must before sales can commence. This will be a great move for Apple seeing as China Telecom has around 123 million mobile subscriber accounts, 33 million of these being 3G accounts.

The above phone that has been approved is also compatible with WCDMA technology, we will report more by Friday.

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