iPhone Accessories: Miansai solid gold case

If you have a nice bundle of bucks to throw away on an iPhone accessory so that you can at least say your iPhone looks different to all your friend’s, as long as you don’t mind putting a hefty dent into your bank account, and becoming a big target for having your iOS smartphone stolen, you might like to consider this solid gold case for the iPhone.

According to the guys over at iDownload Blog by way of OM.co, this iPhone case is a made to order, 14k solid gold case made by design company Miansai in Miami, Florida.

The case is smooth and gold without any of the usual diamonds gracing the accessory that we’ve seen before, and is a slip-on case for presumable the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and each case is individually numbered and engraved.

This solid gold case is available to purchase in both yellow gold and rose gold with matt or polished finish, and each iPhone case will ship within two-weeks of ordering if you want one.

Now the biggie, how much will this solid gold iPhone case hit your pocket for, well if you happen to be that well off you won’t miss the odd 10,000 bucks coming out of your bank account I suggest you opt for something a little cheaper.

Obviously just made with the filthy rich iPhone user in mind, I would have to say personally if I was to purchase such a case for my smartphone I would be too scared to set it down anywhere when out and about in case some light fingered bod lifted it, wouldn’t you?

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