iPhone Accessories: Must have TidyTilt Smart Cover

Apple made the ‘Smart Cover’ for the iPad 2, and yet they never thought about making one for the iPhone. Sort of crazy considering the style and look seems to be in that eye candy corner, but never mind because a new “Kickstarter Project” has been started.

This particular product is called the TidyTilt and is a cover, a stand and can even be used as a holder for earphones, when it comes to something being developed with more that one use in mind this one will be right up your street. So far the project 2,527 backers, $93,205 been pledged to date of $10,000 goal, and there is 20 days left to go (This project will be funded on Sunday Jan 29, 11:59pm EST).

The TidyTilt Smart Cover can also be used, as a stand for the iPhone, below this news article is a promotional video showing it off a little.

But the iPhone is mainly glass? This is a question we asked ourselves; basically the cover comes with a magnetic frame that sticks on the rear glass panel, which does not add hardly any size to the smartphone.

Please let us know if you would consider buying the TidyTilt Smart Cover? For more information please visit Kickstarter.com



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