iPhone needs full Siri before iPad 2 version: Pathetic

The new iOS 5.1 beta 3 that was released is apparently showing signs of Siri being released on the iPad, if this is true that means that there will be an iPad 2 version of Siri, which really boils our blood, pathetic would be the adequate word here.

A tipster named Sonny Dickinson revealed that the new iOS 5.1 beta 3 contains some sort of evidence that Apple is working on iPad-compatible version of Siri, our blood is still boiling, in fact we would love to stick a boot up someone’s bottom.

The iOS 5.1 firmware source code in beta releases always unearths something new, sometimes true and of course now and then false, but according to 9to5Mac anyone can see this Siri evidence on their iPad 2, just go into your settings app that runs iOS 5.1 beta 3, then click on General and then select the Keyboard tab.

Once you have done this you will find something called “About Privacy and Dictation.” What we must remember is that Siri may not release onto the iPad 2, but Apple is simply using the iPad 2 so that they can release in onto the upcoming iPad 3.

Correct us if we are wrong, but we know we are not, Siri is on one of our iPhone 4S smartphones and it is not fully working here in the UK, it cannot use GPS, it cannot search business, and to tell you the truth we are bored of using it until these features are turned on.

Surely Apple should please current Siri users by fully turning it on, why release it to other products if current users on the iPhone 4S are not getting the full benefit. What do you think about what we have said?


3 thoughts on “iPhone needs full Siri before iPad 2 version: Pathetic”

  1. Matt says:

    You have to remember that SIRI is still in her beta stages, and we all know that more often than not, (especially with Apple) that the issues in beta, stay in beta. Also, Apple has never been one to shaft one of it’s products. Seeing as iOS is virtually the same on all iDevices, Apple is most likely just making sure that the solutions for the iPhone/iPod firmwares also work for the iPad firmware before actually finalizing the feature. I’m sure that when SIRI is out of beta, whether that be iOS 5.1 or a later update, all iDevices that are lined up to have her will be fully functional at the same time.

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