Apple snooping at CES 2012 checking out rivals

As you probably know, Apple in their infinite wisdom aren’t expected to show up at CES 2012; however the word is although Apple isn’t showing any gear at the event in Las Vegas apparently the word is a large group of Apple employees are indeed attending this years show.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Reuters, there are some 250 Apple people registered to attend the Consumer Electronics Show says an unnamed source that is “familiar with Apple’s plans.”

Furthermore apparently the head of Apple’s iOS product marketing, Greg Joswaik has apparently been spotted snooping around the Sony booth, perhaps checking out what the competition has to offer.

Apparently there’s no official word as to just why there are so many Apple employees attending CES 2012, but one does have to say that if you want to keep an eye on your rivals and what devices they are working on, well CES would seem like a very good place to be.

Perhaps Apple is hoping to pick up a few design hints for when they finally deliver the iPhone 5, or maybe looking to add a few new features that they can call their own at a later date, who knows.

So what do our readers think, any ideas as to just why Apple would have a large contingent of people attending a show they have declined to show their wears at, other than snooping out the competition of course.

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