Galaxy Nexus failing to charge, affected?

Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus is proving a popular choice when choosing a new smartphone. Despite rivalry from Apple, Motorola and HTC, Samsung’s new 4.65-incher running with Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS has been the frustration of some users.

The problem lies with the phones battery and subsequent issues surrounding it. According to cnet.com issues concerned include, the handset failing to charge, the phone thinking it’s charging when its not even with the charging icon quite clearly showing and so on.

Owners of the new Nexus have been airing their frustrations over at a Google support forum, with some saying that they have tried to rectify the issues themselves, with users taking the battery out whilst the handset is switched on with the phone being rebooted thereafter. The handset seemed to rectify itself for a short time only, with problems then seen with the power level.

Whilst the problem(s) have been reported, it may only be affecting a smaller than larger percentage of users. Let us know if you have had subsequent Galaxy Nexus problems?

With a massive influx of smartphones, is technology getting too advanced, therefore paving the way for problems such as battery loss?


5 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus failing to charge, affected?”

  1. Brian. says:

    My Galaxy Nexus had the same thing when i first got it, so i sent it back, they gave me a new one and everything works fine, not had one problem with the new one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ummm, can you say Thunderbolt, HTC, Verizon? That’s exactly why I haven’t upgraded from my Thunderbolt, yet. Same problem… of course now I am carrying around a cell phone with an extended battery, which I vowed never to do again. So until someone builds a phone,with a battery that can substain the expected charged time, why should I purchase their phone and than be forced to buy an extended battery just to get a full days charge.

  3. Papacap2u says:

    Yup have the same problem, though im doubting anyone is buying “my phone said it was charging but i never knew u even called cause my phone was dead 4 2 days!” Than theres the problem of never being able to walk by a electrical outlet w/out having to charge the darn thing, hoping & praying it’s actually charging

  4. Same problem here – started working well but after a few weeks it won’t charge or says it is when it isn’t plugged in.  Sometimes it says that it is attached to a USB when plugged in normally.

  5. Thebarndoorcountrystore says:

    My phone is only 3 days old and I am now having problems with it charging-  It charges all night but never charges.  What Should I do…..

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