Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2500W Sprint 4G WiMax Amplifier

News has surfaced about a new mobile amplifier that is capable of boosting 4G signals for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Announced just in time for CES 2012, the SureCall® CM2500W, is the latest offering from Cellphone-Mate®.

Boosting incoming and outgoing signals by up to 10x, means that reception performance is equal to being stood underneath a transmitting tower. Other benefits are increases in battery life on your mobile device due to the amplifier taking care of the long-range signal work. With this slower battery drainage talk time can increase.

Specification from the new in-building amplifier are, 62dB median gain and 65dB maximum gain, allowing users to access download or upload speeds of up to 2,000 sq ft from wherever the unit is placed. Fine-tuning can maximize performance from the adjustable gain feature.

As yet there are no prices released, but if you want to see what else the Cellphone-Mate boys have on offer click here. Tell us if you would feel the benefit from the SureCall CM2500W?


2 thoughts on “Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2500W Sprint 4G WiMax Amplifier”

  1. SureCall CM2500W seems like powerful object that can boost the 4G network signals on various networks. At the CES 2012, it has been launched and I wonder it would has large benefits. These days, the world’s top mobile makers introduced 4G network capable smartphones. But the 4G network isn’t being so stronger network at everywhere. This network is facing some issues. So this device could create some differences.

  2. GreatOnePDX says:

    Here it is 2016 and Sprint discontinued their 4G WiMax network about a year ago. Considering I have not found any newer model Signal Booster for Sprint’s 2.5 Ghz LTE Plus band, would Surecall’s CM2500W wimax booster work with their LTE Plus network (including two and three channel carrier aggrigation)? Will SureCall be releasing a new version in the future? I would think there would be a demand for it.

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