Extra battery life with Innergie PocketCell

It can be a right pain when your smartphone dies during a conversation when you are out and about or when you are using your tablet when there is no charging outlet available, but during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Innergie would like to have your back covered with their Innergie PocketCell.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the Innergie PocketCell will be on hand to charge your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device when you need it most, perhaps when you are on the flight without a dedicated power outlet to power up your dead Apple iPad.

So what is the Innergie PocketCell, well it is a lightweight compact rechargeable battery accessory that can charge up numerous devices including such devices as BlackBerry handsets, the iPhone, iPods, Apple iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, media players and more.

According to Innergie, they claim that the Innergie PocketCell can actually power more than 10,000 other portable devices, so it would seem they have your back covered when you are in need of charging your device when out and about.

The Innergie PocketCell portability will probably be a good selling point as the device is roughly the size of a lipstick holder and weighs in at just 2.8 ounce, so can easily fit in the pocket or purse. Not too sure just when the Innergie PocketCell will become available but word is the device will hit the pocket for about $79.99 once it hits the streets.

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