iOS Accessories for Parents: BabyPing Baby Monitor

Obviously it’s not just smartphones and tablets being unveiled at CES 2012 this week, as there are several accessories, and one such accessory to be unveiled during the event is the BabyPing WiFi baby monitor for iOS devices, a device that allows the user to hear and keep an eye of their baby form their device.

BabyPing is apparently the first device to offer a real alternative to the old style baby monitors and combines a free monitoring iOS app with the BabyPing to offer a bundle of secure and safety features that includes alerts when the baby cries, a double layer of security, and if the WiFi connection is broken or the monitoring iOS device is out of range you also get alerted.

BabyPing combines the camera and microphone of your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad enabling the parent to view and hear their child whilst specially developed technology such as the Smart Filter cuts out static and background noise, whilst the Constant Connect feature acts as a permanent tether between the application and monitor.

Using only the users hone WiFi network to operate the BabyPing doesn’t incur bandwidth and web streaming costs whilst ensuring instant alerts and updates from the monitor unit without the usual delay associated with other baby monitoring units.

The BabyPing app for iOS devices is available for free from iTunes, and the BabyPing video monitor will be available in the United Kingdom sometime in February commanding a price tag of £149.99, but no word on whether this device will be available in the US or elsewhere at this time.

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