iPad 3 review, Apple design flaw trend

Call us mad for thinking this, but the thought of someone handling the iPad 3 seems a little too good to be true, what is even more of a mystery is the point we have to make about the iPad 3 review and the Apple design trend flaw.

Apple made in our eyes a major mistake in releasing the iPhone 4S with no new design, it was basically a mirror version of the iPhone 4 with a few more features, and you know the features that really do not make you sit on the edge of your seat. It seems the same mistake has been made again, with no change in design for the new tablet according to the iPad 3 review handler.

iLounge are reporting that they have had their hands on the new iPad 3, even though they have not published any pictures online, they mention that there was no need to post photos of the iPad 3 because it is the same as the iPad 2.

Apparently if you saw the Apple iPad 3 that was on display, you would simply walk straight pass it because it resembles the iPad 2. The back of the upcoming tablet looks the same, Jeremy Horwitz who is the iLounge Editor-in-Chief reports that the iPad 3 casing (Body) is 1mm thicker than the iPad 2, the rear camera is slightly larger. If this is all true it looks like we need to step back to the iPhone 4S design change, hold on minute sorry there wasn’t one, the camera was changed like the suggested iPad 3, oh Apple if this is true you really need to go back to the drawing table.

Do you really believe that the iPad 3 was handled by iLounge? We here at Phones Review are by no way saying they did not, but it seems a little too good to be true considering Apple have not made its announcement yet.


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