Root me, Android devices you want rooting

There are so many Android devices available now, and we are calling out to those that have a smartphone or tablet running this operating system. What we would love to know is what Android device would you like to see rooted?

Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet is very easy in this day and age; the question is “Is rooting for you?”

Some may find it a little scary and to some is a big leap when rooting, many users are aware that Android first came from the Linux operating system, and rooting an Android device is very much similar to accessing administrative permissions on Linux or alike, after rooting it allows special replacing of system settings and applications.

You can also run specialized apps that need that administrator-level permissions and so forth, rooting is basically the same as it is to jailbreaking iOS. Is rooting for you?

We will not sit here and bring you to the world of boredom, all we would like to know is what device would you like to see rooted? This keeps things simple and sweet, please answer this in the commenting area provided below.


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