Samsung GT-N8010: Galaxy Note successor gains WiFi Certifications

As you are no doubt aware the Samsung Galaxy Note has now found its way over the pond in the good ole US of A on the AT&T network, it appears that there could already be a successor to the rather smartphone come mini tablet already on its way to the mobile space.

According to the guys over at Unwired View by way of Pocket Now and Blog of Mobile, both the Samsung GT-N8000 and the Samsung GT-N8013 have now received WiFi certification and apparently the Samsung GT-N8010 also gained WiFi certification not too long ago.

The original Android packing Samsung Galaxy Note is the Samsung GT-N7000, and thus the assumption is that the Samsung GT-N8010 could well be the Galaxy Note successor and so could the Samsung GT-N8000 and GT-N8013

According to the guys it appears the GT-N8000 will surface after the GT-N7000 followed by the Samsung GT-N8010 and GT-N8013 possible being two variants of the same device.

Other than also knowing that the device will have dual-band WiFi a/b/g/n and that it is a smartphone everything else is of course speculation at this time, but hopefully more on this matter will come to light during Mobile World Congress 2012 next month.

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