Softonic Moba for Android at last

For the Android faithful that would like to take advantage of all the best content published by Softonic about software for their Android smartphone, Softonic has now made their Softonic Android application available to download to your chosen Android handset, and is called Softonic Moba for Android.

The Softonic Moba app has been designed to deliver an innovative new concept for shopping for software via a personalised format that enables smartpehone users to locate and download and share any app on the softronic catalogue.

With the Softonic Moba for Android users are able to create their own personalised desktops to list categories or types of apps according to their interests and can customise the menu via hubs like “Games for 2” or “The Essential Kit.”

The head of mobile products at Softonic, Pere Torrents says, “Softonic Moba was developed to organise smartphone software and make it more accessible to users with the added plus that all products have been reviewed by a team of experts.”

The Softonic Moba app allows the user to discover the top new releases and best Android apps based on Softonic editors and user ratings, along with reading professionally written app reviews from their impartial experts, and read user comments.

Softonic Moba features top apps of the day, a video channel for viewing hands-on guides, trailers, and video reviews, an app search tool, and thousands of reviews on Windows, Mac and Web apps.

For those that wish to download and use the Softonic Moba app you can grab the application as a free download by hitting up the Android Market.

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