Sharing your Android phone nightmare story

Many Android owners love their phones, but now and then some like to share their nightmare stories. Even though many handsets are loved there are times when something goes wrong, or maybe dropped down the toilet etc.

This is where we ask all our readers to share with us what has gone wrong for you, it could be about the hardware, software, firmware, or something completely different about waiting for the next update, or maybe you have a drunken story to share with us that involves some nightmarish happenings.

If you visit my personal Google+ page (Mark Chubb) I asked a few friends in my “Circles” this questions and this is what prompted me to ask Phones Review readers the same question, the response is very good and here are some of their Nightmare stories.

When we asked the question “Please share your worst nightmare story about your smartphone” here is what a few said: One said that Samsung Hong Kong not updating my Galaxy S and it is still on 2.3.3 and I can tell you it is super laggy. Often times it just reboots itself after waiting for minutes of loading maybe just photos from the gallery.

Another said that their nightmare began when they unboxed their Nexus One, after doing so they dropped it down the toilet, but thanks to a bag of uncooked rice it fixed the phone and worked well after.

How about one owner of the Galaxy S with super lag, they were so annoyed it got thrown against the wall, but some good came out of throwing it because they learned that the handset is impact resistant.

So after reading some nightmare Android phone stories, would you please share your story?

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