Galaxy Nexus Accessories: Pre-order Verizon HDMI Dock: Update

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus which released on carrier Verizon just before Christmas, is proving as popular as ever. Before and on its official launch, here at Phones Review, we’ve been keen to report on many Galaxy Nexus items, be it comparisons to other phones, price reduction, white and 32GB models coming, problems if any with the Nexus and so on.

Today we can now tell you that for anybody wishing to purchase the new HDMI docking station for the new Galaxy Nexus, can do so through pre-ordering it through the MyVerizon app. This comes courtesy of droid-life.com, who has reported that the docking station can now be added to your cart with a view to purchasing it.

Up until now, the accessory has been out of stock, but if the news is anything to go by, then for a price of $60 you could be the proud owner of a new HDMI docking station, an add-on we know many of you have been waiting on.

In terms of what you will get with the new docking station, we can tell you that it comes with a full HDMI port with microUSB for charging.

Let us know if this is an accessory you’ve been waiting to get your hands on? Prepared to pay $60 for it? We would be interested to hear how you get on trying to order it, success or not?

UPDATE: You can now visit these two links for more information about the dock – Accessories PageProduct Page


4 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus Accessories: Pre-order Verizon HDMI Dock: Update”

    1. Ncksmrt says:

      I bought the OEM Samsung MHL adapter and it would not keep.the phone charged. I used the Samsung charger that came with the Galaxy Nexus. Unplugging the charger meant losing the picture and audio goimg to the TV. I returned it. I’m considering trying this dock but thinking twice because of it’s portrait design. Like the MHL adapter that requires a charger for the A/V ti work but doesnt charge, it makes no sense to me why the HDMI dock doesnt hold the phone sideways.

        1. Bob52r says:

           As there are no other docking stands or stations oem, i would love to be able to place my nexus horizontally in a docking station so i can access the the the headphone jack and hook it into an amplified speaker–works much better with physical hook-up than by bluetooth.
          Charging at the same time,…..and using all the great nexus features.
          The nexus on my hi def upper end panny plasma is really nothing exciting. I am really looking for a simple dock so I can actually facilitate ease of the functions most important to me.

          Alarm clock functions through my old motorokr l7 do wake the dead–me. Alarmclock xtreme forces my brain into a waken state by making me do basic math problem to stop the 110db racket this graceful beast creates.

          Would the gods at samsung[or a quality chinese factory] crank out a basic dock maybe even with a usb out/in. The usb would be great to have at work.

          Take my $$, please

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