8-megapixel OV8825 OmniBSI+ technology for smartphones & tablets

In Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be winding down later on today. Since the start of the event, manufacturers have been showing off their latest innovations, be it tablets, smartphones, laptops and so on.

Today, developer of advanced digital imaging solutions ‘OmniVision Technologies’ has just announced its latest innovation, that of a new 8-megapixel OV8825 CameraChip sensor, fit for the purpose of smartphone and tablet devices.

This according to virtualpressoffice.com, will make this kind of technology cost affective for manufacturers looking to upgrade their camera options from what was the first generation sensor that of the OV8820. Using a new OmniBSI + pixel overhaul, the new OV8825 gives improvements over the OV8820, giving a massive 60% rise in full-well capacity, 10% in low light sensitivity and another 10% in quantum efficiency.

The new sensor offers 24 frames per second as reported in full resolution and full HD video mode at 30 or 60 frames per second. Continuous shooting can be achieved with the added benefit of taking away image lag for shutter-less designs, roller shutter effect and real-time image capture.

In part of a brief statement from Senior Product Marketing Manager it was said, “Industry reports expect tablets to reach 250 million units globally by 2014, with a large portion of those using 8-megapixel cameras. Similarly, industry reports project that smartphones equipped with 8-megapixel cameras will see tremendous growth, with estimates ranging up to more than 500 million units in 2014.”

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