HP TouchPad Android ICS 4.0 version of CM9: Video

Those of you that have the HP TouchPad can forget about fire sales and all that, this time we concentrate on those that already own this tablet PC. Good old Dalingrin and the team have finally released the first preview of Android ICS 4.0 running on it.

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich version of CyanogenMod 9 is now working, well we say it is all working but there still seems to be issues with the camera and video playback, but then according to RootzWiki it never worked in Gingerbread anyway.

If you watch the video preview below, you will notice things are running ok, and the HP TouchPad Android ICS 4.0 version of CM9 is looking good. The very cheap tablet with Android Ice Cream Sandwich is what everyone wants; developers have really shined this time round.

There is not much more we can say, other than watch the video preview below and then have your say in what you think of it.


One thought on “HP TouchPad Android ICS 4.0 version of CM9: Video”

  1. guest says:

    So glad I got my hands on a couple TP’s.  I have a 16gig for my girlfriend and a 32gig for me waiting for CM9!  The 2.3 ports are okay, but as Im sure everyone knows that OS was built for a phone not a tablet, so that always kind of bugged me (tablet specific apps dont download or appear correctly, etc.)  Once this is out we will have 2 dual core Android 4.0 tablets for under $300.  Cant beat that with a stick.

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